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June 19 in History

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Birth of French mathematician Blaise Pascal; he invented one of the first calculators and contributed greatly to the development of mathematical theories such as calculus.


US Congress prohibits slavery in US territories.


The Statue of Liberty, a gift from France, arrives in New York.


Chemist Ernest Boris Chain is born in Berlin; Best known for his pioneering work with penicillin, he shared the Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine with Alexander Fleming in 1945.


Birth of Luu Trong Lu (died 1991), Vietnamese poet; He was one of the pioneers of the Tho Moi (New Poetry) movement early last century. His early works include Tieng Thu (The Voice of Autumn) and Nguoi Son Nhan (The Mountain Dweller). He later composed more factual works and also became involved in drama.


An 1899 agreement by which Britain was responsible for overseeing Kuwaiti foreign policy is terminated, making Kuwait a fully independent state.


The US Civil Rights Bill is passed by the House of Representatives. It was passed by the Senate on July 2.


Viet Nam and New Zealand establish diplomatic relations at ambassadorial level.


UN Secretary-General Kurt Waldheim opens first major world conference on status of women, in Mexico City.


Death of Che Lan Vien (born 1920), real name Pham Ngoc Hoan, Vietnamese poet. His works include Dieu Tan (Ruins), Anh Sang va Phu Sa (Light and Alluvium) and Hoa Ngay Thuong (Everyday Flowers).


The United Nations inaugurates its new Human Rights Council.


Former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin launches a new political movement to act as an alternative to the policies of President Nicolas Sarkozy, his longtime rival. — AP/Reuters

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