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June 6 in History

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Birth of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin (died 1837), Russian poet, novelist and dramatist. He is considered to be the founder of modern Russian literature.


Mai Xuan Thuong (1860-87), one of the leaders of Can Vuong, a Vietnamese royalist anti-French movement, is captured and subsequently executed by the French.


British secret police illegally detain Nguyen Ai Quoc (Ho Chi Minh) in Hong Kong, intending to hand him to the French.


Nguyen Ai Quoc (Ho Chi Minh) sends a letter from abroad to his compatriots, pointing to the double yoke of oppression by the French and the Japanese. The letter says the time has come to liberate Viet Nam and calls on the people to unite and join forces in order to overthrow both the Japanese and the French.


President Ho Chi Minh decrees the creation of the Sao Vang (Gold Star), the Ho Chi Minh, and the Doc Lap (Independence) orders, to award people for great services to the country.


The Government of the Democratic Republic of Viet Nam says it is willing to negotiate with the Sai Gon administration on the organisation of free general elections to restore peace and reunite the country, in June 1956, as stipulated in the 1954 Geneva Accords on Indochina.


Israel withdraws the bulk of its troops from Lebanon after a three-year occupation, but retains a border strip.


Japanese Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama and his ruling coalition agree to express "deep remorse" for Japan's acts of aggression in World War II.


Turkish Prime Minister Mesut Yilmaz resigns paving the way for the first Islamic-led government in history of modern Turkey. — AP

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