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December 31 in History

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Birth of Phung Hung (died 790), the leader of a Vietnamese independence movement against the Tang dynasty that later spread to Tong Binh Citadel, now Ha Noi.


Death of John Flamsteed, who became England's first Astronomer Royal. The Greenwich Observatory was built for him.


US inventor Thomas Edison gives the first public demonstration of his electric incandescent lamp at Menlo Park, New Jersey.


Birth of US general and statesman George Marshall. Chief of staff (died 1959), he directed the US army during World War Two. As secretary of state (1947-49), he devised the Marshall Plan for Europe's post-war reconstruction.


In Britain, the chimes of the clock Big Ben are broadcast for the first time by the BBC.


Birth of Welsh actor Anthony Hopkins. He won the Oscar for best actor for The Silence of the Lambs.


Dr RN Harger's "drunkometer", the first breath test device for car drivers, is officially introduced in Indianapolis, USA.


US President Truman formally declares an end to all hostilities in World War II.


Viet Nam and the United Arab Emirates sign their first bilateral trade agreement.


Death of Vietnamese composer Hoang Viet (born 1928). He was posthumously conferred the Ho Chi Minh Award.


India and Pakistan agree not to attack each others' nuclear facilities.


Hong Kong authorities finish up the slaughter of 1.3 million chickens and other fowl to prevent an outbreak of a deadly strain of bird flu in humans.


Eleven European nations usher in the New Year and the euro.


Russian President Boris Yeltsin announces his resignation.


Locked doors at a nightclub in Buenos Aires, Brazil, block or slow the exit of many concert-goers fighting to escape a fire that kills 186 people and injures hundreds.


Nine bombs explode across Bangkok as the Thai capital celebrates New Year's Eve, killing two people and capping a year of unrest in Thailand, including a military coup and an increasingly violent Muslim insurgency in the south. — REUTERS/AP/VNS

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