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London joins world-wide protest against Monsanto

Update: May, 27/2013 - 15:33
Peace campaigner Len Aldis showing his claim. — VNS Photo Ngan Binh

LONDON (VNS) — Saturday 25th May was an international day of action and protest against the American company Monsanto for its involvement with GMO. In London, 2,000 people gathered at Parliament Square joining with millions in many countries around the world.

Amongst the prominent speaker was the international campaigner Bianca Jagger who drew great applause for her attacks on Monsanto, speaker after speaker added their support for the campaign that had taken part that day in over 400 cities.

Posters showed the anger of the people for genetic modified food (GM). Calls were made for people to check the ingredients of the food they purchase and to protest strongly if they see GM on the packet.

Len Aldis another prominent peace campaigner was also present with his poster that pointed out Monsanto role as the leading company that manufactured the chemical Agent Orange of which 80 million litres were used on Southern Vietnam over a period of ten causing the deaths of many thousands and leaving millions more crippled. The photographs he showed drew many questions from the people: "We did not know about this". "Is the US paying compensation". "What can we do". Etc etc. — VNS

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