"Live Well - Stay Healthy" at 5 Seasons

Applying healthcare standards to construction and design, 5 Seasons offers residents differentiated life experiences, both physically and mentally.

 "Selling Health" A new strategy in real estate business

Over the past few years, the real estate market has witnessed significant changes in investor business strategy and customer house purchasing trends. In addition to the many necessities of life, the more a society develops, the more demands and desires buyers have.

Nowadays, customers not only need a good-quality construction project, but also convenience, modernity, high-class facilities and the space to ensure their need to "live well" is fulfilled.

Therefore, in addition to the necessary conditions such as a beautiful location, high-quality infrastructure and good progress, real estate enterprises are investing in the living environment. The aim is to take care of residents, especially in the context of seriously polluted environments in big cities such as Hà Nội, which negatively affect the health of the people. Besides, increasingly busy lives mean that people do not have time to take care of family health and to refresh themselves.

The living space is green, airy and full of natural light at 5 Seasons.

Taking these factors into consideration, 5 Seasons is geared toward developing a real estate project that applies healthcare standards to construction design, giving residents a differentiated life experience — "Live Healthy" — both physically and mentally.

"5 Seasons will become a private, peaceful and healthy place, in contrast to the bustling, noisy, dusty surroundings outside the project," Đỗ Mạnh Dũng, Project Developer Director of 5 Seasons, said.

5 Seasons provides complete health protection for residents

The 5 Seasons building, part of the TNR GoldSeason Project, is built on a total area of ​​22,000sq.m, of which, trees, landscape and utility account for nearly 70 per cent. With a low-construction density, which is rare in most central Hà Nội projects, the investor has focused on equipping residents with a perfect living space.

5 Seasons is surrounded by a green living space full of natural light. Residents can walk, relax and breathe fresh air right here.

The apartments have also been designed in such a way so as to ensure sufficient air and natural light. The spacious style and architecture helps residents have a harmonious living space, which is fresh and close to nature.

The free gymnasium is among the many privileged amenities that residents enjoy.

A large portion of the area at 5 Seasons has been dedicated to outdoor developments such as swimming pool, gymnasium, yoga room, recreation room, sauna and jacuzzi to meet the fitness needs of adults. Children can enjoy the amusement park and engage in various fun and physical activities under the supervision of parents and the project management team. The community library and Manhattan Park are quiet places suitable for elderly people to relax.

In particular, according to the disclosure from the investor, these utilities are free for life for all residents. This means people can maintain the health of their entire family without travelling far and spending money.

Living here will give residents the feeling of being on a holiday as all their relaxation needs will be met within the property itself.

From the luxurious reception lobby, a storage area, full-service wi-fi and electronics charging corners, to home services such as housekeeping, food services and home laundry, 5 Seasons offers five-star hospitality services to families.

With the aim of ensuring that residents can enjoy themselves completely like in a high-end hotel, 5 Seasons also provides grocery delivery services to help residents have more time to enjoy life while still taking care of meals for their family.

"We believe that with the goal of customer health as the focus, the apartments in the project will be welcomed by the market," Đỗ Mạnh Dũng added.