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Argentina marks Independence Day

Update: May, 29/2014 - 10:33

Stunning: Iguazu Falls on the border between Argentina and Brazil, one of the world's natural wonders. — Courtesy Photo of Argentinian Embassy

On the occasion of Argentina's Independence Day, Argentinian ambassador to Viet Nam Claudio R. Gutierrez writes to Viet Nam News

Last Sunday, May 25th, was the 204th anniversary of the "May Revolution", an event that signalled the establishment of the First National Government and began the process of establishing an Argentine government, a process that culminated in 1816 with the National Declaration of Independence.

This declaration of sovereignty had to be materialised through a war of independence in conjunction with other Latin American brother nations. Once the battlefields were won, decades of civil war followed until we had a national organisation and enjoyed the benefits of peace, unity, independence and prosperity.

This process also gave us a distinct identity. And what characterises us Argentines? Argentina is known worldwide for Tango, excellent meat and wines, football and its unique natural landscapes.

But Argentina is much more than this. It is a cosmopolitan, diverse and unique country. A melting pot of races, exciting in her sports and culture.

It is a pleasure to celebrate this significant date for Argentines in Viet Nam, a friend with whom we have a strategic relationship.

Last year, during the celebrations of the 40th anniversary, our bilateral relations rose to their highest level as a result of the exchange of high-level political visits, including a visit paid by our president, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, to Viet Nam. During 2013, numerous important co-operation and cultural activities and performances were also carried out in both countries. This allowed us to gain greater knowledge and improve mutual understanding between our governments and people.

During the celebration of the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations, I said we should not be satisfied with what we had already done, and that we needed to increase bilateral exchanges and joint work.

Meanwhile, this year's activities in areas such as arts, trade and political cooperation continue to multiply, resulting in an even richer and more diversified relationship.

Our political and commercial relationship continues to grow, showing solid signs of commitment. One example is the upcoming celebration of the "Comixta" in Buenos Aires in November, which will also help to prepare for the possible visit of the President of Viet Nam to Argentina in 2015.

Hopefully, soon, the agreement that will open both countries' markets for products of plant and animal origin for human consumption will be signed, enhancing the significantly growing trade between the two countries.

Today the feelings associated with the birth of our nation are renewed in a very particular way. Our national passion is reinforced and our historical identity is strengthened. It is in moments like this when, somehow, we all feel closer to Argentina.

The revolution that took place on the May 25th , 1810, and the patriots that prompted it left us a message that is still valid: to work with honor and to make sacrifices for our country, our people, our present and our future. This message is especially associated with our work as diplomats in Viet Nam, for the well-being of both countries. — VNS

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