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I Love You: Malaysia

Update: February, 14/2017 - 11:26


"I Love You: Malaysia", the second video in our “Asia’s Language of Love” video series, highlights how “I love you” is said in Malay, the national language of Malaysia.

Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures with various influences from the Malay, Chinese and Indian communities. Like other Asian nations, expressing love and affection openly was not a common practice among older people due to the generally conservative attitude and social norms.

However, this has changed, especially with the younger generations who are no longer as inhibited nor shy as their elders. Today, we understand that love is a precious thing which should be celebrated and articulated with just those three simple words: "I love you".

This Valentine’s Day, "I Love You: Malaysia" highlights a melange of situations where this simple expression is at its most honest and heartfelt: a four-year-old’s affection for her pet cat Laundry, a mother spending precious moments to sing and play with her baby, a caring teacher comforting a crying student, a teenager’s fondness for his exotic pet iguana, newlyweds' blossoming love and a golden couple’s love which has stood the test of time. Let love continue to act as a basis for all our relationships. Let’s hear it for love. Happy Valentine’s Day!

This series is a project by Star Media Group, China Daily, The Daily Star, and Việt Nam News, members of the Asia News Network (ANN).

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