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I Love You: Việt Nam

Update: February, 14/2017 - 08:12


Have you ever wondered how “love” is expressed in different languages and cultures?

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, we bring you the “Asia’s Language of Love” video series, which showcases how people in different parts of the continent express their love, with these three simple yet most beautiful words that a person may utter or hear – “I love you.”

This is the first video: "I Love You: Việt Nam"

Vietnamese culture is not overly demonstrative, but love is expressed everyday in myriad ways. We share with you snippets of a few, beautiful, enduring love stories – the fresh pure love of a boy for his pet, the tried and tested love of an old couple who have spent a lifetime of ups and downs together, the long-distance love of a young married couple, the unconditional love of a girl for her adopted sick brother. 

Life teems with difficulties, and it it love that gives all of us strength, and loving someone deeply gives you courage. Here’s our Valentine’s Day toast to all those who love, are loved and need love.

This series is a project by Việt Nam News, Star Media Group, China Daily, and The Daily Star, members of the Asia News Network (ANN).

Happy Valentine's Day!


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