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Culture Vulture (03-02-2016)

Update: February, 03/2016 - 08:39

POPS Worldwide is a leading Southeast Asia multi-platform digital entertainment studio. Its headquarters is in HCM City and it just launched a branch office in Ha Noi in January.

Culture Vulture interviews Kevin Yee, POPS Worldwide's chief marketing officer about the potential of the digital entertainment industry in Viet Nam and how artists get involve and benefit from the network.

POPS Worldwide opened a branch office in Ha Noi In early 2016 with Hop Am Gio programme featuring A-list pop singer My Linh. Why is it music and not another art genre?

POPS Worldwide opened its branch office in Ha Noi in early 2016 with the Hop Am Gio programme with singer My Linh. Hop Am Gio is a new kind of music video in Viet Nam which all of the sound is recorded live on location including the singer's voice, music and natural sound.

So, we needed a great singer like My Linh to satisfy the requirements for live recording. My Linh is also one of POPS Worldwide's most loved partners in Ha Noi.

Do you think My Linh's participation in Hop Am Gio will make POPS Worldwide more popular in Ha Noi ?

As I mentioned before, Hop Am Gio needs a strong & beautiful voice for a live recording. So, My Linh is the right fit for this project. My Linh and her husband, musician Anh Quan, were also excited with this project when we shared and invited them to join this concept.

POPS already has many partners who are established artists such as comedians Xuan Bac and Xuan Hinh; singers Tuan Hưng, Khanh Linh and TV broadcasters such as VTCTube, StyleTV and Ninh Binh TV.

So, many partners and artists knew and joined POPS's network before we came to Ha Noi. And for Hop Am Gio, we have to choose a suitable voice for live recording on set first.

With the series Sea in Ha Long views and My Linh's voice with acoustic style, it was a good choice for POPS to "say hello" to our fans in Ha Noi.

What's the potential of the digital entertainment industry in Viet Nam?

We see unlimited potential in the further development of the digital entertainment industry in Viet Nam.

The future of digital is video. 2015 was an amazing year of growth for online video fans and this is just the beginning. Viewers are increasingly turning to online first for the best local and international video content to be entertained and educated.

We have also seen new and unexpected ways that people are engaging with POPS Network content.

For example, on the POPS 360 mobile app, fans are taking inspiration from our content, remixing it and re-posting it for their friends and social networks.

We are very bullish on the long-term prospects for Vietnamese digital entertainment as more and more young people get access to the internet. Fans do not see POPS 360 just as a portal to POPS network content but as a way to publish their own ideas and engage with a like-minded fan community.

This diversity of content will only help to accelerate growth as video fans actively seek out greater music and entertainment options online.

What benefit do artists, content creators and partners get when they co-operate with POPS Worldwide?

POPS helps artists, content creators and partners through a consultative process to develop their online audience, protect their intellectual property rights and produce great content.

Our in-house digital marketing agency works closely with brands and agencies to link POPS Network content with the right brands and campaigns.

POPS works closely with the hundreds of content partners to help them unlock the full potential of their online digital content. We help them with active channel management to build and guide their channel strategy with new subscribers and releases.

Will the digital entertainment industry be a threat to traditional entertainment forms?

No, not at all. In our opinion, the digital entertainment industry helps to develop traditional entertainment forms by allowing for greater access of that entertainment on multiple platforms and on different devices.

Digital transforms the viewing experience by allowing for an anytime and anyplace experience that today's viewers want.

Furthermore, the viewer can watch a programme on television and like, share or comment about the content with online communities on YouTube, Facebook or POPS 360. — VNS


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