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Culture Vulture (19-11-2014)

Update: November, 19/2014 - 08:42

Pop singer Tran Thu Ha (Ha Tran) seizes the chance to rock out in her upcoming album Ban Nguyen (Original), scheduled to be released next year.

One of Viet Nam's A-list pop stars, Ha Tran settled down in the US after marrying an overseas Vietnamese music producer. She sometimes returns to perform. Most recently, she appeared at the first Monsoon Music Festival last month, singing new songs that will appear on Ban Nguyen. She said about the new project.

You performed in the recent Monsoon Music Festival to introduce the rock album Ban Nguyen. Why do you want to try rock music?

Actually, I never performed rock in front of an audience before. But the bands that I like most play rock music, so it's not strange to me. It may be strange to my fans. Rock is usually for young people and rock bands are playing underground.

I decided to produce this project with the goal of changing rock music performing conditions in Viet Nam.

How do you sing rock?

Rock singing does not mean shouting and powerful vocals. Rock singers need to rock and roll inside themselves to perform rock music.

For this project, I co-operated with young composers Dominic Nghia Do and Hoang Quan and veteran composer Thanh Phuong, my longtime friend. The project was initiated eight years ago. It combines rock and electronic music with music from the northwestern region of Viet Nam.

Why did it take eight years to implement the project?

I think eight years was necessary to challenge us. When the composers gave their songs to me, I liked them very much. However, I wanted to know if they would stand the test of time. After eight years, the songs are still fresh and contemporary.

A big project requires a lot of time and energy. About 12 years ago, when I finished the album Nhat Thuc (Solar Eclipse), I was exhausted.

I hope this project will become a music treasure that can be listened to ten years later. Now I'm ready for a new project.

Why didn't you produce music for a long time?

I'm a person who always encourages other artists. However, when I feel tired, I need a quiet place to gather my energy.

I was moved when composer Quoc Trung organised the Monsoon Music Festival in Ha Noi. It was a chance for me to share the stage with international artists and see how far the distance was between the international artists and me. I saw I needed to work much harder.

I want Ban Nguyen to inspire other artists. Ban Nguyen seeks to find the unique essence of each individual. I want to inspire people to be themselves, not copies of others.

You are full of energy with this project. Do you think the album will be a milestone in your career?

I hope so. Actually, I'm always full of energy. Energy is like a volcano that cannot burn all the time. I don't deny that I sometimes felt bored in past years. I was not bored by music but by singing. Because what I got back was not worth my effort.

However, music is always a drug for me.

What will you try next after the rock project?

I am known in Viet Nam but not around the world. If I could approach the international market, I wouldn't be satisfied. As a result, I don't set a specific target. I just do what I think is necessary.

I have experienced youthful enthusiasm in addition to getting professional experiences. At this time, I want to connect to young artists who will make me feel fresh and inspire me. — VNS

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