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Iran aims to be anchor for regional peace

Update: February, 11/2014 - 09:45
Collage: This image is about Iranian symbols from ancient to modern times like Persepolis (Shiraz), Sio-se-pol (Isfahan); Azadi Tower, Milad Tower (Tehran), Amir Chakhmaq Square (Yazd) and Damavand Mount. — Photo courtesy of Iranian Embassy

To mark the 35th National Day of Islamic Republic of Iran, which falls today, ambassador Hossein Alvandi Behineh tells Viet Nam News that his nation's true image as an anchor of regional peace and security is being increasingly recognised.

Thirty-five years ago, under the leadership of Imam Khomeini, the entire Iranian people with their uprising brought victory to the Islamic Revolution of Iran and now, under the leadership of Hazrat-e-Ayatollah Khamenei, they continue to follow the sublime goals mentioned in the slogan: "Independence, Freedom and Islamic Republic Governance."

The election of Dr. Hassan Rouhani as the new President of Iran on June 14 lastyear, with massive support of the people, has revived the country's revolutionary objectives.

The new government is seeking domestic growth and development, at the same time, looking to expand friendly relations with other countries in the world.

It can be said that one of the most important successes of the new government in Iran is its endeavour to eliminate false images of the country and providing a true picture of an anchor of regional peace and security.

Iran has already started the implementation of its commitment in the historical nuclear deal reached with Group P5+1 in Geneva.

While guaranteeing our national rights to peaceful nuclear development, Iran is ready to resolve other countries' real concerns regarding the issue.

Iran's motto is clear: "Nuclear energy for all, nuclear weapons for none."

Following this, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, initiated the resolution against violence and extremism which was adopted unanimously at the last UN General Assembly.

Stronger ties

In 2013, we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Viet Nam and Iran.

In the past four decades, both countries have enjoyed close co-operation and cordial relations based on mutual respect and understanding. Many high-level visits have been exchanged so far and a number of agreements, memoranda of understanding have been signed that reflect the desire of the leaders and peoples of our two countries to strengthen our bilateral relations.

Through their meetings in Ha Noi in 2012 and in recent letter exchanges, the presidents of Iran and Viet Nam have emphasised the readiness and eagerness to expand bilateral ties as well as creation of opportunities for further promotion.

On the basis of our long-lasting and traditional political relations, there is great potential for development of relations in economy, science, technology, education, culture, sports and tourism. In recent years, economic relations between Iran and Viet Nam have been on an upward trend. Iran's economy, the second largest in the Middle East, has the unique advantage of possessing huge hydro-carbon reserves, oil and gas reserves, vast resources of minerals and high potential in agriculture and fisheries thanks to its varied climates. It also has well developed infrastructure and the people have high purchasing power. On the other hand, Viet Nam with its dynamic economy, growing trade, active young generation, great geographical location and very good economic mobility offers abundant economic opportunities for Iran.

In education, the exchange of scholarships, professors and students, the organising of joint seminars with the participation of academics from both sides have been on agenda and partly implemented in recent years. Iran has already granted a number of scholarships to Vietnamese students and at least eight of them have graduated so far. The first Iranian student has also begun his studies in Vietnamese language at the Ha Noi University on a scholarship.

Exchange visits

Exchange visits by sports teams is another field of co-operation that will lead to better understanding among our people. As both Iran and Viet Nam have very young populations, boosting co-operation and sharing experiences in sports will benefit our younger generations.

In tourism, Viet Nam with its abundant natural and tourism attractions can be an attractive destination for tens of thousands of Iranian tourists who annually visit Southeast Asian countries. On the other side, ranking tenth in the world in terms of tourist, ancient and historical attractions and fifth in terms of natural attractions, Iran can be a gorgeous place for Vietnamese tourists too.

It has hundreds of historical and ancient monuments dating back several thousand years, high range of biodiversity with forests in the north to deserts in the centre and sub-tropical regions in the south, high mountains covering one third of the country, and vastly different climates.

Lastly, on the occasion of the Lunar New Year of Viet Nam, I take this opportunity to extend my warmest wishes of happiness and prosperity to all our Vietnamese friends and wish for ever increasing friendship between our countries. — VNS

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