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Culture Vulture ( 15-01-2014)

Update: January, 15/2014 - 08:28

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism has approved a circular on granting work permits to performing artists. The circular will be effective from April 1 this year. Nguyen Dang Chuong, head of the ministry's Performing Department, speaks to The Thao & Van Hoa Cuoi Tuan (Sports&Culture Weekend) about the issue.

What were the preparations made while drafting the circular on granting work permits to performing artists, effective from April 1?

We drafted the circular at the beginning of last year. Then we organised various workshops to consult experts and artists working in the field. After the culture ministry approved the circular, we issued some guidelines for implementing it.

On April 1, we will start granting work permits to singers and models. Many people working in the culture and art sector do not agree that work permits should be given to model-s, singers and actors, because of their misunderstanding. If they understand, they will co-operate with the culture managers.

All 63 provincial culture departments cannot provide the exact number of performing artists. We cannot manage the art performances nationwide if the local cultural authorities fail to monitor the activities in their own provinces. Thus, first and foremost, the application of the work permits is to enhance the responsibilities of the agencies managing the cultural sector. The work permits also increase the responsibilities of the artists' in their performances.

The procedures involved in granting of the permits will be very easy and convenient for the artists. All information about them will be published on the department's website. When local culture departments need to consider granting permission to a performing artist in the provinces, they just have to click on the website for information about that artist. The department can then make its own decision.

Does it mean performing artists who create scandals to self-advertise such as by publishing their own sex clips or exposing their bodies in live shows will not be able to get work permits?

The work permit is something like an ID card for artists. It doesn't judge their professional quality. The artists should have certificates after completing a course on art performance. Besides, each local culture department has its own art council to judge art shows.

Last year, the Art Performing Department acted against 20 per cent of the shows that violated performing rules.

But the activities depend not just on artists but also on the organisers. Isn't that true?

Yes, it is. The department will guide provincial culture departments to be more careful in considering files asking for permission for performances.

The culture ministry has just improved Decree 105, which mentions that enterprises or agencies that are outside the ambit of the culture ministry and violate existing regulations will be fined much more than before.

What do you think will help increase artists' passion and desire to serve the public? Do you think the circular might hinder them?

I think the circular is necessary as it may help orient art trends in a proper way. It will help artists to "step forward more quickly" without "bumping into any obstacle", to produce more "brain children".

So what are the resolutions of the Art Performing Department in the New Year?

We give priority to two major tasks. The first is to complete all legal documents to support state management and get rid of existing problems in art activities. The second is to focus on the quality of literature and art works.

At the beginning of the year, we asked some experienced and enthusiastic composers and writers to produce art works for theatre, music and dance to serve the people. — VNS

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