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Environmental incidents happened continuously, and the passivity of many investors have impacted on the new criteria in choosing "shelter" for their homes.

Environmental incidents happen continuously, and the passivity of many investors has impacted the new criteria in choosing "shelter" for their homes.

For the well-being of the “Kings”

King Palace - 108 Nguyen Trai lures the real estate market. 

Reaching the end of the year, the domestic real estate market encounters many events when a series of environmental incidents continuously occur, causing great confusion among customers. Even in some projects, the phenomenon of selling to cut losses of hundreds of millions of dong to escape the market. 

However, at King Palace - 108 Nguyễn Trãi, since its launch a year ago, the project is still one of the hottest names in the capital real estate market. Especially in recent days, many sales units for this project said that the number of customers looking to buy apartments had increased sharply. According to research, new customers coming to the project are mainly interested in water and air treatment systems.

Hà Nam, a customer said: “Previously when choosing a “high-end” real estate project, we often focused on utilities, luxurious design, high-class services, but there were also environmental problems. When that happens, I realise that the things that matter most to me are the health of myself and my family.”

"Therefore, I look for projects that meet not only the old criteria but also those that are equipped with systems that actively filter clean water and air to circulate fresh air to residents."

The project is equipped with an air conditioning system that supplies fresh air to each apartment. 

“And King Palace is the perfect choice for a true place “to settle down” or his family,” Nam affirmed.

The system mentioned above is a secondary water purification station with filtration technology: Activated carbon - Multistage - Cartridge: up to 5μm, actively treating water after taking from the city water source, ensuring the quality of drinking water at the faucet is always stable regardless of any external incidents.

Besides, King Palace also actively handles domestic wastewater of residential areas before discharging into the city's sewage system. In particular, instead of providing fresh air only to the common space like in other projects, King Palace is meticulously equipped with an air-conditioning system to supply fresh air to each apartment that can be easily removed, fitted, and cleaned, ensuring fresh and green space for its residents.

Along with that, King Palace is using the Ales Shiquy paint line of Kansai Paint, which has outstanding features such as antibacterial, anti-virus, air cleaning, moisture retention, gas absorption, greenhouse carbon dioxide, especially highly fire-resistant. For the tropical monsoon environment, with 4 seasons all year round like in Hà Nội, Ales Shiquy is regarded as friendly to human health and proven to be the best choice.

“With recent water incidents in Hà Nội, it can be said that the equipment and utilities that King Palace brings show the devotion of the developer to each customer, creating its own attractiveness,” a customer expressed.

Competitive advantage

In addition to the strength of its prime location, sophisticated design, and superior facilities, King Palace is also upgraded by the pioneers of integrating a series of smart technologies into living space. 

Exquisite and luxury design, King Palace is the place to show the status of the elite

Hoa Anh Đào developer understands that home is a place where we rest and relax after a long day of work. So, not only is the living environment clean and comfortable, but also the feeling of security is more important than ever. That's why King Palace is equipped with the most intelligent synchronous Building Management System (BMS) at the moment, allowing control and management of all systems in the building: clean water system, central air-conditioning to each room, environmental warning, security, fire prevention - fighting, water supply, optimise operation, ensure absolute safety for residents. Along with that, the fire safety system is designed with modern and advanced equipment in the world today, strictly adhering to the strict standards set by the National Fire Protection Association of the US. King Palace promises to bring a high-class living space, ensuring absolute safety for residents.

Not only that, pioneering the trend of the technology of electric vehicles, King Palace also designs the parking area of ​​the building with specialised electric vehicle charging stations for electric bicycles, motorbikes, and cars. Particularly for electric cars, special-use parking locations and redundant power transmission infrastructure will be designed in the future.

Real estate experts say that building specific utilities will increase investment costs, impacting on product costs. However, the service infrastructure will meet the specific needs of residents and increase the apartment values, while creating an advantage that appeals to both buyers and the community in that area.

These factors have created a truly classy and different King Palace, becoming a model, a new standard of living for many successful residents. Currently, the topping-out ceremony of King Palace was held this July successfully and is moving the stage of completion to prepare for handover to future residents in the second quarter of 2020.

In particular, King Palace recently continued to "stir" the real estate market when signing exclusive distribution cooperation with CenLand. This collaboration ensures many benefits to the customers, bringing King Palace apartment closer to “the true Kings”.

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