King Palace – The “fever” that shows no sign of cooling down in Western Hà Nội

Among one of the most outstanding projects in western Hà Nội, King Palace is causing a “fever’’ in the market the shows no sign of cooling down.

Golden location brings “diamond” opportunities

The complex of offices, services, commercial buildings, apartments and hotels for sale at King Palace has been praised by real estate experts thanks to its prime location at 108 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân District – which is considered the nucleus of the region with the strongest economic growth in Hà Nội. Located in a densely populated area with modern transport infrastructure, owning these apartments will help future residents easily connect with the surrounding area of the city or travel to neighbouring provinces conveniently.

King Palace is located in one of the most favourable spots in Thanh Xuân District.

King Palace has access to key transportation routes such as Lê Văn Lương, Ring Road 3, Thanh Xuân intersection and Hà Đông - Cát Linh sky train railway, giving it a favourable position making it an investment opportunity not to be missed.

Comfortable and modern living space

With a height of 36 floors, King Palace is one of the tallest buildings in Thanh Xuân District, with breathtaking views across the city. All of the 410 apartments are luxurious, expressing the exquisite aesthetic of the owners. The world-class utility system set a new standard for luxury apartments and gives King Palace residents new lives as the kings of the 21st century.

King Palace give its residents a luxurious and comfortable life.

The first to the fourth floors of the building are used for commercial space, services, office leasing and an international preschool. The fifth to the 36th floors are apartments. The top floor has an outdoor pool, gym and community living area, serving the sports and entertainment needs of residents.

High class apartments, luxury amenities

After visiting the project's display flat, many customers couldn’t contain their admiration for the exquisite design, modern furniture and luxurious styling, meeting the standards for a dream home of every guest. King Palace apartments include room types with two, three, five or six bedrooms, with an area of 80-259sq.m, meaning there is the perfect option to meet the needs of every resident from accommodation to a homestay business.

The various types of apartments mean each of King Palace’s customers can find the perfect option.

In addition, King Palace is managed and operated by a reputable international unit which assures service quality and safety standards, helping buyers and renters feel more secure in their investment. The project boasts a multi-layer security system, 24/7 camera, international-standard fire protection system and technical infrastructure that integrates smart technologies, bringing customers the utmost convenience and security.

With the meticulous work in every small detail, along with the unique values that King Palace creates for its future kings, it is not difficult to explain why King Palace is still causing a "fever" in Hà Nội's real estate market.

King Palace has opened a show flat at 108 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội for customers to experience the space “Where the Kings live”.

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