Provision of locally technical support for STUDYING

Evaluate and propose solutions to increase co-benefits of the Energy Transition

As a federal enterprise, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH supports the German Government in achieving its objectives in the field of international cooperation for sustainable development. On behalf of the German Government, GIZ currently provides advisory services to the Government of Viet Nam in three priority areas: (1) Vocational training, (2) Environmental policy and sustainable use of natural resources, and (3) Energy.Please visit for further information.

The project “Clean Affordable and Secure Energy for South East Asia (CASE)” implemented by GIZ is looking for a group of local consultants to conduct a study “Evaluate and propose solutions to increase co-benefits of the Energy Transition”.

Therefore, GIZ Hanoi Office is conducting a public tender to seek 04 qualified Individual local Consultant (here after called as LC) to carry related tasks as below:

  1. Timeframe of the assignment: tentatively commence from 8th November 2021 until 8th May 2022
  2. Place of Assignment: Hanoi
  3. Estimated Man-days and requirements:
  4. General requirements:
  • 04 local individual consultants will be contracted to work in a team consist of 06 local consultants who are experts in other related fields such as economic, energy, socio, environment, legal, policy analysis to conduct the study “Evaluate and propose solutions to increase co-benefits of the Energy Transition”.
  • He/she is expected to have extensive experience, expertise and hold proven knowledge in relevant sectors.

Interested Local Consultants are recommended to contact GIZ through the Email: to receive the complete tender dossier by 21st Sep 2021. Subject of the email:

Tender code: 83390419 - CASE/TL,

Tender code: 83390421 - CASE/EconE,

Tender code: 83390422 - CASE/LR,

Tender code: 83390423 - CASE/PA.

Submission deadline of bidding documents latest by 17h00 on 5th October 2021

Please observe strictly the guidance in the local bidding conditions in the tender dossier.

GIZ is obliged to ensure the confidentiality of all bidding documents submitted.