Investors anxious for the sales launch of The Zei luxury apartments

Before the official sales launch, The Zei not only received special attention from domestic investors but also a lot of foreign customers.

Investors are targeting the luxury segment

According to a recent analysis of the real estate market in My Dinh area by, it shows that the common increase ranges from 5-10%, the previous rent for 2-bedroom apartments was 22.5-24 million VND/month, the rent now reaches 24-27 million VND/month. 3-bedroom apartments rent from 38-39 million VND/month to 41-42 million VND/month.

Investors are anxiously waiting for the sales launch of The Zei

Recognition from the market shows that projects with increased rents are in the luxury, high-end segments with high-class, synchronous services and convenient locations in the central area or where foreign communities are formed like My Dinh (Korean & Japanese customers) or West Lake area (European & American customers).

With good rental potential and the ability to increase prices if making early transactions, it explains why The Zei is being sought by investors.

Foreign investors "join the fight"

Since its opening, The Zei model house has welcomed a large number of customers and foreign investors to visit, with many people quickly putting down a deposit. Vietnamese law has allowed foreigners to buy houses with regulation that they can only buy up to 30% of the apartments.

With superior values, The Zei is chosen by foreigners to buy or rent

First: Housing prices in Viet Nam are lower, but rental investment performance is higher than other regions. According to the report "Vietnam housing market: Vision and Prospect" published by Savills on March 20: Apartment prices in Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi are generally lower than the prices of apartments in the same segments in regional markets like Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok.

High-end apartments in the centre of Singapore, Thailand or Malaysia have very high prices while in Vietnam they are only from US$2,500/m2. The Zei is expected to have a starting price of only about US$2,000/m2 - a lower price compared to foreign investors.

Second: Tax policy and framework applies for lending a second home. While Viet Nam does not yet have a second home ownership tax, in Singapore, the Government imposes a progressive tax on homebuyers. The Singapore government imposes a 7% fee for real estate for a second home, 10% for a third home. Particularly for foreigners buying a house, it pays 15% for all real estate.

In addition to the above two causes, the cost of maintenance and advertising for the rental apartment business is also very low. In general, with all the favourable conditions, foreign investors are very excited about the Vietnamese market in general and Ha Noi in particular. Domestic and foreign investors are counting each day waiting for The Zei sales launch because My Dinh real estate is getting hotter every day along with the progress of building works for Formula 1 Racing (F1).

On May 18, 2019, at the JW Marriott Hotel, No. 8 Do Duc Duc, Hanoi, the investor will officially launch The Zei project, with a very diverse base.


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