Hoan My medical corporation aim to serve more than 4 million patients in 2018

Hoan My Medical Corporation (“Hoan My”), the largest and most experienced private hospital group in Vietnam, announced today that it is on track to serve more than 4 million patients in 2018 – aiming to achieve this target by September.  Hoan My currently serves 3.7 million patients and has 20 hospitals and clinics in the country with six hospital development projects underway.

Hoan My’s mission is to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare to Vietnam’s aspiring middle-class. It was acquired by the Clermont Group (“Clermont”) in August 2013. Clermont is a Singapore-based international business group. Since then, Hoan My has experienced five years of exceptional growth increasing from 1.2 million patients in 2013. 

“We are delighted to be approaching this significant milestone as we celebrate five years of ownership by Clermont. Clermont has made significant investments in talent development and resources for Hoan My, and their unwavering support for our local management team has been integral to our success,” said Huynh Le Duc, Group CEO, Hoan My Medical Corporation.

Dr Nguyen Van Hoang, CEO of Hoan My Cuu Long said, “The fact that Clermont has reinvested all of its profits back into Hoan My over the past five years proves that it really wants to serve the health of the Vietnamese community.”

The Chief Executive of Hoan My’s Saigon Hospital, Dr Nguyen Huu Tram Em, added “Employees choose Hoan My for many reasons. Firstly, its comfortable and harmonious working environment. Secondly, it’s the pride of working in a health network with high standards and a long history.”

Through Clermont, Hoan My also conducts training collaborations with The Medical City (TMC), a leading healthcare network in the Philippines, in areas of quality of care, patient safety, talent development and customer service. 

In 2017, Hoan My conducted 632 training sessions for its staff. These included leadership and management courses, technical training, culture and team building sessions, and medical training. Hoan My’s training and development programme is a key reason why it has become the employer of choice in the healthcare sector in Vietnam.

As a testament to Hoan My’s investment in building strong foundations for the future, it has been awarded the highest quality awards from the Ministry of Health. It was also honoured ‘Vietnam Hospital of the Year’ by Frost & Sullivan two years consecutively (2016 and 2017). In addition, last year (2017) Hoan My was awarded the prestigious ‘Labour Medal from the President of Vietnam’ for its excellent achievement in socialising medical activities, charitable activities and contribution to building the country.

“With Clermont’s support, we are confident that our ambitious plans – to serve over 6 million patients by 2020 – will become a reality,” concluded Huynh Le Duc. “We look forward to celebrating many more milestones in the future.”