High-quality education ecosystem contributes to improving the quality of human resources for Viet Nam

With the aim to create a generation equipped with global citizens’ skills and improve Vietnamese human resources, Viet Nam is in need of high-quality education institutions, especially at the undergraduate level. In the last 10 years, not only the national university system is being ameliorated, but Viet Nam's Government also encourages the establishment of international universities, so the Vietnamese education sector can develop fast and effectively. The international university system has contributed significantly to achieving the above-mentioned target of Viet Nam.

Attending the 10-year anniversary ceremony of British University Vietnam (BUV) at its new campus in Ecopark township, Hung Yen, his Excellency Gareth Ward, British Ambassador to Vietnam predicted BUV will grow and grow over the next decade, open new opportunities to more and more Vietnamese students to enjoy an authentic British education, substantially contributing to the success in educational co-operation between the UK and Viet Nam. 

Speaking at the ceremony, His Excellency Gareth Ward shared his positive view on the development of BUV in the future: “I will come back in 10 years’ time and I am sure the university won’t just have doubled in size, it will be four times bigger than now. I am sure that we won’t just have these beautiful buildings here, there will be a whole series of buildings stretching as far as the eye can see and this university will be making a huge contribution to the future of Viet Nam.” 

His Excellency Gareth Ward - British Ambassador to Vietnam awarded the British Ambassador's Scholarship to British University Vietnam

He added: “There are three factors that make BUV develop so fast, so successfully, so beautifully in such a short period of time: the co-operation with two prestigious UK institutions including Staffordshire University and University of London; the innovative approach to education with integration of high technology and also the interaction between teachers and students and the high-quality human resources. BUV students make me impressed with the energy, and the willingness to participate in the new things and the new changes, especially when they join the activities with the Embassy.” 

Prof.Dr.Raymond Gordon, Vice Chancellor and President of British University emphasised: “Vietnamese students have the mindset, dedication and persistence. They are smart, creative, want to be creative and they have their desire to success. With our mission of providing British degrees and an authentic international campus environment, we are proud to say we are creating the next generation of discoverers, explorers and creative thinkers, who will change the world.” 

BUV’s students have the opportunity to experience the international learning environment at the most modern campus in Viet Nam and the region. A programme combining three months study with three months internship, together with personal development programmes and intensive skills training, has equipped BUV students with knowledge, skills and working experience before graduating, helping them to confidently satisfy the requirements of national and international companies and organisations.

Up to 2020, BUV has accompanied the learning and maturity process of seven graduated cohorts. Graduating in 2019, former student Le Yen Linh, Genext at Generali Vietnam – a life insurance companies of an Italian insurance group, shared with Viet Nam News: “My experiences through internships while studying at BUV helped me a lot in expressing myself at work. The school has done a very good job of equipping students with whatever we need for our education. I wish BUV continued success in equipping upcoming generations of students with quality education, in nurturing them to become upright, fulfilled and contributing members of the society. I have been and will always be proud to be a BUVer” 

Vice Chairman of Hung Yen’s People's Committee Nguyen Duy Hung said he believed that BUV will continue to have a stronger position in Viet Nam's undergraduate education system, contributing to the human resources training process for Viet Nam in general and Hung Yen province in particular

Established in Ha Noi in 2009, BUV expanded to a new $70 million campus in Hung Yen’s Ecopark at the end of 2018. Once finished, the campus of three phases investment will satisfy the training demand of 7,000 students. Currently, the first phase accommodates up to 2,000 students and provides an international-standard facility that is architecturally beautiful with an iconic design indicative of 4IR and with embedded learning technology. The BUV campus is recognised as one of the best education environments in Asia.

From three undergraduate programmes, the university now offers 11 bachelor programmes and one MBA programme, taught in English by 100 per cent international faculty. BUV's training programmes strictly follow the British government’s standards and are assessed by the UK Quality Assurance Associate.

At the 10-year anniversary ceremony, about 1000 guests, who were representatives from ministries, departments, partners, press agencies, high school students, students, alumni and parents, attended and congratulated BUV for its 10 years of development.