The rich” apartments at the financial centre of the capital
With strong economic and financial development in recent years, the number of rich and super-rich Vietnamese people is also booming, leading to demand for high life quality such as housing, transportation and food services.
The criteria to choose the life space of 'rich people'
The High Net Worth Handbook 2019 by the market research firm Wealth-X indicated that Viet Nam ranked 4th in the world in terms of the growth of rich people (individuals with assets between US$1 million and US$30 million) in the period 2018-23. This partly shows the significant growth potential of the housing market, especially the high-end apartment segment. For people with high income and status in society, buying an apartment is definitely not only valuable for living and meeting basic needs of living, but it’s also necessary to satisfy the criteria related to the design style and modern utilities as well as a standard living space for owners. Most people in this class are busy businessmen and businesswomen, so they expect their home to be in the central districts, have both beautiful, sweeping views, and convenience for travel.

Rich people often have a high demand of design, utility and living space

Besides, living space is also an important factor impacting the rich’s decision to buy houses. They are usually middle-aged, married people, so the need for a standard living space is urgent. The apartment area must be large enough, the space must be in harmony with nature to ensure the health of the owner. The safety for residents must also be focused on the maximum level, applying the most modern technology. Moreover, the upper class always upholds the areas that create a civilized community with similarity in income levels, perspective on life and code of conduct.
Currently, the number of apartment projects for the upper class is increasing rapidly, with many projects making great resonance in both location, utility, and living space as well in Hà Nội. In particular, King Palace is typically considered to be a high-end apartment complex project in the west of Hà Nội.
King Palce – The right choice for the upper class
King Palace is a high-end project that is carefully nourished by the investor from design and construction to utility installation, with a commitment to ensure great benefits for buyers. The proof for this is the fact that on July 25, the project was honoured with the "Best Apartment Architectural Design Việt Nam" award at the Dot Property Awards for prestigious real estate projects in Việt Nam.

King Palace was honoured at the Dot Property Awards 2019

Mixed trade, services and high-end apartment complex King Palace has a beautiful location in the center of Ha Noi, with many modern and synchronous facilities, bringing future residents a contented life like Kings of the new era. Located right next to Royal City, the project is surrounded by a full public infrastructure system such as Vincom Shopping Centre, Lotte and Keangnam Landmark Tower. At this location, the project will also be inheriting the advantages of infrastructure and development potential of the gateway to the centre on Nguyễn Trãi Road. This convenience will be of no small benefit to busy residents, shortening travel time among areas, especially during peak hours in Hà Nội.

The prime location helps residents access outside facilities quickly and conveniently

The show flats of the project have convinced even the most fastidious customers because of their modern and luxurious design but still a high aesthetic; smart utilities and advanced and trendy technologies such as addressable fire alarm system, fire protection system, security camera 24/7 to ensure residents a comfortable and safe life. Utility systems in the building is also invested meticulously, including standard gym, rooftop swimming pool, international quality preschool, to help improve health for the future owners.
King Palace successfully topped out on July 28; and during completion, the owner continues to maintain the construction progress, and put quality first. Moreover, King Palace is also applying a sales policy with privileged packages to welcome future residents, ensuring an investment worthy of the level of customers.
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King Palace - Where the Kings live
Address: 108 Nguyễn Trãi, Thanh Xuân, Hà Nội.
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