For a distinctive French art of living in Hanoi

Nestled in the corner of Ly Thai To and Ly Dao Thanh streets, Press Club has preserved and developed the elegant charm of French culture throughout 20 years.

Press Club was built in 1997 on the very birthplace of Vietnam’s Press Association. Since its opening, this seven-floor building has added a splendid French colonial flair to the French quarter in Hanoi, along with historical monuments such as the Opera House and the Metropole hotel. French interior designer Brigitte Dumont de Chassart, who had a great passion for French architecture in Hanoi, was called from Paris for the task of creating an old-world aesthetic throughout the Press Club. Chassart worked closely with architect François Magnier of Archetype and their goal was to transform Press Club into an oasis of French art of living in the heart of Hanoi.

This French elegance has been nurtured in this house for 20 years and left its imprints in every single detail of the interior decor, the professional service and the cuisine known for foie gras, cheese and wine. Many distinguished guests, including politicians, celebrities and businessmen love this place as an exquisite beauty of French culture that still remains.

The year 2015 was a great landmark in the history of Press Club. The building underwent a partial renovation to refresh its decor, revive a “haute cuisine” menu and upgrade its technology. Set in its original colonial decor from 1920s, Press Club offers a subtle journey into fine crafts, paintings, culinary and winemaking arts sourced from Vietnam and France. Reminiscences of the past can be found on the dining plates, the tables, the cushions… as well as on the polished cement walls, the lacquered tables and table accessories.

This journey appealed to two Michelin starred chef Alain Dutournier, who had selected Press Club to bring his art of haute cuisine for the first time outside of France. He arrived in Hanoi few years ago when Press Club had just completed its renovation. Passionate for the exquisite elegance of Press Club, he decided to personify the soul of this place where he would introduce to lovers of haute cuisine in the city the highest culinary art of France. Born in the gastronomic cradle of southwestern France, Alain has a brilliant cooking career and owns several top restaurants in Paris. He is renowned for his minimalist, original cuisine based on unexpected textures and complexities. His exceptional menu features traditional flavors of France’s southwestern cuisine with a touch of Vietnamese taste, which is as savory as it is aesthetically appealing.

Gastronomes can discover here the best local and imported products delivered daily, such as oyster from France, codfish from Atlantic ocean, Beluga caviar, foie gras from Landes, truffle from Perigord… just to name a few. They are combined with fresh vegetables, herbs and spices in a beautiful harmony both on the plate and for the palate. Culinary genius Alain Dutournier has brought to Press Club a cuisine that is sophisticated and filled with emotion – elegant and simple.

Wine is an important part of French cuisine. The very explanatory wine menu of Press Club proposes more than 600 labels from most famous producers of the world, a majority of French wines, as well as wonderful discoveries from Alain Dutournier, all stored in the open cellar on site. Alain Dutournier is member of Wine Academy of France since 2004. He owns a great collection of rare wines of great winemakers since 40 years, nectars of forgotten lands and legendary brandies. You can enjoy some of his choices at Press Club, such as Clos Saint Hune from Alsace, Vosne Romanee from Burgundy, Margaux, Saint Emilion… from Bordeaux, beside the world’s rarest and most expensive wines like Petrus, Giscour, Chateau Palmer… If you love French haute cuisine, come to experience the exquisite menu designed by Alain Dutournier which is carefully paired with these refined wines.

Based in Paris, chef Alain Dutournier comes to Press Club on a regular basis to train staff, to create new dishes, to meet and cook for local gastronomes, so that the French art of living remains forever in this property.

Press Club

59A Ly Thai To, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam


Hotline: +84 904 067 686