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How to invest money? A short guide for growing your wealth in 2018

Update: September, 27/2018 - 12:53

Every modern man thinks of how to invest money beneficially. As you know, demand creates supply. Today, there are a lot of methods to invest money profitably available for any person. So, let us review the most interesting one.

Forex is a young financial market. It attracts more and more people every day due to the growing trend of making money on fluctuations of the exchange rates. Forex appeared as a reason of elimination of the golden standard abolition.

So, a decision to establish a new currency system was made in Kingstone 1976. From that moment, the exchange is performed at free market prices.

The main Forex market participants are central and commercial banks, large corporations, investing funds, Forex brokers, but private individuals can also participate.


What is the main trading tool on Forex?


A currency pair is the main financial tool for Forex trading.

All trading operations are carried out with it. More information about available currency pairs on different accounts can be found here.

A currency pair is the ratio of 2 currencies. The currency which stands first is called basic. It acts as a commodity in a currency pair. The second currency is called quoted and acts as a payment for the first one. Their ratio to each other is called a quotation.

You can find more terms in our glossary. Forex trader earns on the difference between buying and selling of the currencies.

Open a training account (also called a demo) and improve your trading skills.

The trading on a demo account is performed on virtual money. This means that you cannot lose your own funds, but your profit is virtual too. It can be concluded that a demo account is a temporary option for working out both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Only after you feel that you have already learned enough about the market situation and chosen the suitable trading strategy, you can open a live account.

It is better to start trading with a small amount of money. Control your emotions and follow your strategy, when something goes wrong or not according to the plan. Stay calm despite small losses you may face.

Profitable trading or the most common traders' mistakes

Do not forget that Forex is an independent market. Your success depends only on how much effort you are ready to spend in order to become successful.

Forex has a cyclic work algorithm and from time to time the price movement is repeated. You can determine the price movements with the help of various analytical tools and trading advisors.

It is not enough to have a good theoretical knowledge and practical skills for profitable trading. One of the most important things to remember is to remain calm during a trade. Your patience and confidence in the success will help to close deals profitably.

The unfavorable market situation is not a problem for a professional trader. He has provided for any scenario of his trade development, even under the most unfavorable circumstances. Calm is the key to success during the trading process.

When you have just started trading, you can use a trading robot. The work quality of a trading robot depends on the professionalism of its author. So trading robot scripts and working algorithms should be developed by a professional trader. Forex is an unstable market, so the robot must be constantly optimized for changing market conditions.

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