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Ba Na's Oktoberfest: an attractive, jubilant summer festival

Update: May, 09/2019 - 07:48


Inside the Beer Plaza during last year's Oktoberfest at Bà Nà Hills. Photo Sun Group

Where would you hide away from the heat of the summer, drinking cold German beer and immersing yourself in the air of a thrilling festival? It’s not the land of Germany, many hours away from Viet Nam by plane. It’s the beer festival B’estival 2019 at Sun World Ba Na Hills in the central city of Da Nang.

Inspired by Germany’s Bavarian beer festival Oktoberfest, B’estival has become one of the country’s top destinations every summer. This year’s beer festival – the fourth of its kind – will last from May 5 to September 9.

At Ba Na Hills, visitors will not only enjoy a splendid French-style village, but also see themselves stand in the German land of Bavaria, highlighted by the Beer Plaza constructed like a giant golden beer barrel and ancient German–style stores.

The main entrance of the Beer Plaza. Photo Sun Group

Nguyễn Lâm An, director of Sun World Ba Na Hills, said: “B’estival 2019 will surely be more impressive than ever. We have made many big changes in the way German beer and food are delivered to visitors and the way artistic activities are performed. At the Beer Plaza – the main venue of the festival – you will have the chance to be part of the most outstanding, memorable and cheerful festival so far.”

The B’estival has overflown to the Nui Chua – Ba Na Mountain and visitors can immediately feel the fresh air when they arrive. Giant beer glasses, flying flags and unique carts made from beer barrels, straw and wheat will make visitors eager to check into the event and grab a drink.

Cold beer is provided by Germany’s 25 best breweries such as Paulaner, Kulmbacher, Monchshof and Benedictine. The presence of such well-known companies makes this year’s festival different from the previous events, when tourists could only enjoy gold and black beer (Schwarzbier) from Germany suppliers.

Tourists enjoy beer in the Beer Plaza. Photo Sun Group

The price of a glass of beer at the festival will range from VND50,000 to VND190,000 (US$2.15 - 8.17). Sun World Ba Na Hills is also offering a “buy 2 get 1 free” programme – meaning visitors will get one free glass of draught beer after buying two glasses of German beer.

But beer lovers can’t live without good dishes. To feel the flavour of the cold German beer better, visitors can stop by food stores at the festival. The meat and seafood grilled at the stores will awake the senses. Fast food will also be served like hot dogs, fried chicken, french fries, pizza and halal kebabs. And of course, Oktoberfest specialities such as German sausage and salt bread will be present too.

Traditional food such as sausages served at the festival. Photo Sun Group

There are also artistic performances for visitors to enjoy while they eat and drink. From 10am to 3pm everyday, music performances by European and American bands such as Bryant, Gramophony, Latin and Twit will guarantee this year’s event is more exciting than ever.

The Beer Plaza is designated this year for the Moon Land performance, the biggest summer carnival at Ba Na so far, with the participation of more than 200 artists from Viet Nam and other countries.

During the international art show, the Beer Plaza becomes Summerland, filled with Oktoberfest activities like stomp dancing, making the atmosphere of B’estival 2019 even crazier and more attractive to visitors.

A dance performance at Ba Na Hills. Photo Sun Group

Like the previous years, one of the most eye-catching ways for visitors to feel like they are part of the B'estival is the Oktoberfest-style costumes. Visitors can rent the costumes to look like traditional Bavarian men and women.

Drinking beer in the atmosphere of a typical German beer festival and dressing up in traditional costumes will definitely be the most memorable activities for visitors who love partying and beer.

Are the newly updated B’estival 2019, a new “dress” for Ba Na Hills and colossal art performances enough to make you pack your bags and head to Ba Na?

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