Diamond Dorm – one stop in the old capital city

     A corner of ancient Hà Nội is located at 3B Tống Duy Tân Street in Hoàn Kiếm District, converging elements such as personality and comfort and providing very personal enjoyment even though it is a form of room sharing.

Dorms are a popular type of tourist hostel (or bunk bed hotel) and they have recently been replicated in Việt Nam. They offer low prices and convenience, making it easy for guests to communicate and connect. However, in many places, they seem to lack personality and private space, as if spending less money means you are unable to enjoy your own company.

With Diamond Dorm, the most obvious difference is that the whole 5-storey space gives its visitors the feeling of living in a traditional and modern Hà Nội Oriental style.

Unique space

   Diamond Dorm’s secret was that from the beginning, its idea didn’t stop at providing tourists, who pay a small amount to stay, with just a small sleeping space. It is more ambitious as this space helps make every tourist visiting Hà Nội more satisfied with every detail, every corner of the dorm.

Tourists do not just rent overnight accommodation here, but also live in a cultural atmosphere characterised by antique imitation tables and desks, furniture from the 1960s and 70s. Many beautiful items are meticulously crafted, reminiscent of the nostalgic atmosphere that is easily seen in artworks of well-known Vietnamese painter Bùi Xuân Phái or movies that gained international awards directed by Trần Anh Hùng, including Mùa hè chiều thẳng đứng (The Vertical Ray of the Sun).

Imagine holding a cup of Vietnamese coffee, looking silently through the window with sunshine on the branch of peach blossom falling on the wooden table, what you see is not the rough roofs, but subtle spaces for personal thinking. That will definitely happen at Diamond Dorm.

In a different corner, the book that you haven’t read for a long time because you’re too busy will be open again, and you’re at peace from the noisy streets. That will also definitely happen at Diamond Dorm.

Thus, this space seems to be able to awaken the senses of each person. It is not only a place for visitors to sleep overnight or enjoy a Vietnamese-style egg coffee, but also touch exquisite art works such as paintings, statues and precious antiques, which hold their own stories.

Artwork by one step

   Diamond Dorm was designed by famous young painter Quốc Dân, who is a painter of the streets.

Dân grew up in the breath of the street, wandering around the corners and exposing in his artworks the street experiences combined with his artistic talent and solid academic ability to make non-cubism painting works.

Non-cubism is the dominant style of Diamond Dorm so that this place has many bronze sculpture products by Dân on display.

Tourists will definitely be able to identify various copper items and decorations in every corner of Diamond Dorm. This type of Iranian thin copper is completely different from the sculpture material used by many other Vietnamese sculptors.

The bronze colour contrasts with the bright yellow light or sunshine, creating amazing art.

     Diamond Dorm has become a place for visitors to experience like going out on the street, wandering around Sword Lake and relics near West Lake. They can take photos of each corner here as if this place is also part of the journey.

In the coming years, the dorm business model will definitely spread like resorts or homestays which are very popular in Việt Nam. The transformation of dorms to become part of local culture can open a new direction in domestic tourism development.

“I want foreigners and domestic guests to have a positive experience in Hà Nội. Tống Duy Tân Street should not only be associated with local cuisine but also a cultural ecosystem to make meaningful changes. Thereby it will become more memorable,” Dân said.

Diamond Dorm & Cafe (or Diamond Dorm Vietnam) had grand opening officially on December of 2018. This is the very first style of Dorm and Cafe of breaking down all standards to bring something new and unique. High standard, high recommendation! 

- Address: 3B Tong Duy Tan street, Hang Trong ward, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, Vietnam.

- Website: http://DiamondDorm.com - http://DiamondDorm.com.vn

- Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/DiamonddormVietnam

- Emaill: diamond.hostvn01@gmail.com

- Hotline: + 84 90 866 01 01