Đà Nẵng ready for a festive summer

The central city of Đà Nẵng is set to entertain visitors with an array of interesting experiences this summer, complete with festivals, amusement rides, good food and fireworks.

Sun World Ba Na Hills

Besides the beauty of Ba Na Hills, what attracts visitors to this picturesque city is the special festivals taking place throughout the year. Each season has a different festival. But Ba Na Hills one of Việt Nam’s leading tourist spots has its own charm during summer.

This year, B’estival, which is dubbed Việt Nam’s own “Oktoberfest”, will begin on April 30 and will last until September. This is considered the longest festival in the history of Ba Na Hills. Besides enjoying different varieties of German beers, visitors can enjoy carnival dances and the unique grill.

B’estival will begin at Sun World Ba Na Hills on April 30 and will last until September.

Sun World Danang Wonders

Before stepping in Ba Na Hills the heart of Đà Nẵng City visitors can enjoy moments of relaxation in “miniature Asia” called Sun World Danang Wonders. The cultural and entertainment park is one of the most popular venues in the city. There are dozens of modern games, such as Singapore Sling, Queen Cobra and the free fall tower in the park.

Especially during the fireworks festival, Sun World Danang Wonders is an indispensable choice for visitors. While visiting the city of the Hàn River, they can have a unique culinary experience in the “Four Seasons” dining space from April 29 to June 30, which will offer delicious dishes from three regions.

Visitors can have unlimited fun in the park with family and friends. You must try it to believe it.

Café La Carte

The coffee shop with a spectacular view of Đà Nẵng City will be an ideal destination for those who love taking photographs. Located on the rooftop of A La Carte Hotel (No. 1 Võ Nguyên Giáp Street, Đà Nẵng City), it is an ideal location for people looking to enjoy a cocktail or attend the exciting DJ event. You will, especially, experience the beautiful infinity pool and be able to zoom into the 360 ​​degree panoramic view of Đà Nẵng, an experience you should not miss if you are ever in this city.


This address is not just a favourite place for tourists but also for Đà Nẵng’s young people. SKY36 is like a dose of “doping" which helps visitors "smash" fatigue, after a long day of moving. The bar is located on the 36th floor, which is the top floor of the Novotel Danang Premier Han River Hotel right next to the Hàn River, bringing you the best moments of your life. It usually attracts the performance of famous singers and DJ, providing a relaxing time for those who need more energy, or simply need to know how a "modern, dynamic and seductive Đà Nẵng" looks.

If you go on the vacation of April 30 – May Day or the International Fireworks Festival Đà Nẵng (DIFF) 2018, SKY36 is also the ideal place from where one can watch the beautiful fireworks in the sky of the Hàn River. And once you have come to SKY36, remember to enjoy the cuisine of the East Asia region at Hải Cảng restaurant on the 33rd and 34th floors of Novotel Danang Premier Han River Hotel. SKY 36 also sell fireworks vouchers in advance with flexible rates to help visitors avoid the situation of all seats have been fully booked during the peak season.

The fireworks are viewed from the SKY 36 top floor

Đà Nẵng International Fireworks Festival - DIFF 2018

One of the most interesting activities in the summer of 2018 is the Đà Nẵng International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2018. With a lot of information revealed recently, DIFF 2018 promises to be bigger and more attractive than the previous year. The festival will last for two months (from April 30 to June 30) with five competition nights under the theme “the Legend of Bridges." The event also has the appearance of many famous artists such as Uyên Linh, Hồng Nhung and Oplus.  Visiting Đà Nẵng in the fireworks season, you will know why this city becomes more and more attractive.

Formally becoming an international festival since 2017, DIFF is considered the leading event in Việt Nam this summer holiday. Just like the previous year, besides five nights of fireworks scattered over two months, other exciting activities will bring visitors to Đà Nẵng an impressive holiday season.

Đà Nẵng International Fireworks Festival is considered one of the leading events in Việt Nam this summer holiday

Currently, fireworks tickets have been sold at some locations, so if visitors have the inclination to experience the art of fireworks in the Đà Nẵng sky, please do not ignore this information.

Where to buy fireworks tickets

1.     Sun World Ba Na Hills Sales Office

93 Nguyễn Văn Linh Street, Hải Châu District, Đà Nẵng City

Tel: 02363.749.891 - Hotline: 0905.766.777

2.     Sun World Danang Wonders Ticket Office

01 Phan Đăng Lưu Street, Hải Châu District, Đà Nẵng City

Hotline: 0905.628.004

3.      Đà Nẵng Visitor Centre

108 Bạch Đằng Street, Hải Châu District, Đà Nẵng City

Tel: 02363.550.111

4.      Đà Nẵng Tourism Promotion Centre

100 Núi Thành Street, Hải Châu District, Đà Nẵng City

 Hotline: 0905.029.393/ 0935.348.499

5.      Domestic Terminal – Đà Nẵng International Airport

Ngọc Phương Nghi Company (Sim – Card point)

Hotline: 0941.760.888

6.      60s Restaurant

50 Ông Ích Khiêm Street, Hải Châu District, Đà Nẵng City

Hotline: 0941.760.888

7.  Đà Nẵng Centre of Events and Festivals

23 Trần Phú Street, Hải Châu District, Đà Nẵng City

Tel: 02363.888.119