Buy apartment, enjoy the priviledge concierge services

Not only offered at luxury resorts, five-star amenities and concierge services are now being offered at the doorstep within a high-end apartment. Home buyers can enjoy them all at The Legacy.

People often define an ideal home as a place of full amenities: spa, zen garden, swimming pool and gym. However, this definition of elegance doesn’t satisfy the elite community. For them, it must be a complete living space where they really feel as though they are staying at a five-star hotel with services beyond standard quality.

The Legacy – Trend-setter of luxury living

With this in mind, the real estate developers – Hanoi Housing Development & Investment JSC No 41 and MSH Group – are determined to bring an outstanding quality of life for The Legacy’s residents with Japanese-standard concierge services, which are usually found in five-star hotels and resorts.

“Homebuyers are no longer easily convinced to invest in a real estate property by its outstanding exterior or interior. Their demand is now forming a fundamental value for high-end real estate property, which is the elegance lying in every life experience. Home should be a place where they are taken care of by concierge services with international quality standard, and lifestyle that deserves a top-notch apartment,” said Mr. Nguyen Xuan Loc, a representative of MSH Group.

This opinion is the developing trend of the high-end real estate segment, which has become a market leader. It’s been a focus of the project developer from the beginning. The Legacy is regarded as the trend setter in luxury living with its “Live – Work – Play” model integrating “3 in 1” with an A-grade office building and shopping centre right next to high-end apartments.

One of the most special features of The Legacy is the exclusive concierge service system operated by famous Japanese name Biken Techno, which delivers luxury living experiences to residents.

Whereas services at general high-end apartments are served by different units in Ha Noi, concierge services at The Legacy are operated by an international brand. Biken Techno, one of leading brands in Japan, is establishing an exclusive concierge service chain for The Legacy’s residents.

Through the service, all residents’ demand are taken care within one phone call. Services range from booking a business ticket or a shuttle on time or cleaning up the house to delivering fresh food at home. That’s really appropriate for busy residents, especially international experts. Five-star Japanese standards will please every customer, even the most demanding ones.

About 80,000 foreigners live in Vietnam, mainly in the two big cities. Particularly for the Ha Noi market, projects with a “Live – Work – Play” model integrating “3 in 1” with an exclusive concierge service chain are not so common, whereas the demand is quite high. Therefore, The Legacy is an ideal home for the elite community. The Legacy is the best choice for investors because of the low quantity of apartments, which increases potential profitability for both long-term and rental investments.

Project information:

Location: 106 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, Thanh Xuan District, Hanoi

Hotline: 0966 186 106