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Vincom celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival

Update: September, 19/2018 - 10:17

Events themed the “Happy Fullmoon Night" to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival 2018 will be held at 60 Vincom commercial centres from September 15 to 24. For the first time, "Happy Land" will be launched by Vincom, bringing a magical fairy space and a series of activities to welcome the special festival.

The theme is inspired by the iconic comic book "Journey to the Moon of Tít and Mít".

At Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, a Silver Mountain range and a giant Green Dragon mascot flying 30m will be launched in the midst of a thousand clouds. A huge lotus flower and hundreds of lanterns will also catch the eye.

The monumental decoration of the dragon in the Royal City (day time)


The monumental decoration of the dragon image in the middle of the clouds at Royal City (night time)

Families will also have the chance to carve huge giant tortoises up to eight meters long under and installation of more than 20,000 LEDs.

The mysterious and sparkling space of the Blue Ocean is also depicted by artisans using 100 lanterns to form sea creatures such as the octopus, jellyfish, fish, snails and starfish.

The light performance show and the music of the giant turtles make up an impressive space


Vincom Centres are well designed, and attract many families.

The “Colourful Forest” at Vincom Mega Mall Thảo Điền (HCM City) will shine bright from the treetops along with a five-metre high Hoàng Lân mascot. At "the most attractive destination in Việt Nam", Vincom Centre Landmark 81, children will be lost in a land of the “Oasis of Time” with a model of a golden Phoenix flying among the lights shimmering of daisy flowers and lanterns.

Vincom shines in the bright lanterns.

All other Vincom centres will be decorated with hundreds of bright lanterns along with the appearance of characters from Vincom fairy tales such as Tít, Mít, Brown Bear, Pink Elephant and four princesses from “Happy Land”.

Vincom’s modern fairy tales are especially loved by children

The children will also find adventure games, a lantern parade from tiNiWorld, moon lanternsat KizCiti, artisans at the World Games and the Mid-Autumn cake class at Meizan, Samovar.

A contest themed "Children’s Talent: Shining in Full Moon Night" will be held at Vincom Mega Mall, Vincom Plaza for children who love music, dancing and magic.

On the 14th night of the lunar calendar (Sunday, September 23), Moonlight Festival will be held for all children coming to Vincom’s "Happy Land". Millions of children across the country will enjoy special music programmes, join in the lantern parades and watch  lion dances at all 60 Vincom centres.

Fun activities for children at Vincom during the Mid-Autumn Festival

During the Mid-Autumn Festival tour, families can buy thousands of attractive gifts for children with special discounts of up to 50 per cent from TiNi Store, Bibomart, MyKingdom, Tân Phú, Mama Bebe and Hikosenkara.

The VinMart supermarket chain is also launching VinMart Cook moon cakes made from natural ingredients, ensuring strict food safety standards with four flavours: green tea and red bean with salted egg, green bean coffee, durian salted egg and Japanese sweet taro.

Vincom is also a place where convergence of traditional moon cake flavors from famous brands such as Thu Hương, Madame Hương  Long Đình and Maison; ice cream moon cake from Baskin Robbins and Dairy Queen; Japanese Mochi Sweets, Cream Cheese Cake from Tous Le Jour and unique moon cake from famous coffee and cake brands such as Starbucks, RuNam, BreadTalk, Fresh Garden and Cộng Coffee.

Vincom is an attractive destination for Mid-Autumn Festival customers nationwide

The Mid-Autumn Festival is always a meaningful time for all members of every Vietnamese family. With “Happy Fullmoon Night", Vincom wishes to connect and spread the love of millions of Vietnamese families so that the children can really have a happy childhood.

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Modern fairy tale "The Journey to the Moon of Tít and Mít" has been published by Vincom for the Mid-Autumn Festival. The story is about the journey of Tít, Mít, Brown Bear and Pink Elephant who rescue a princess and the villagers from the curse of a witch. Overcoming difficulties in the four regions of “Happy Land”, the kids are reunited with their families and enjoy a happy full moon night with villagers. The story not only stimulates the rich imagination of the magical world, but also sends a meaningful message that parents and close friends can enter the world of childhood to share and live with them throughout their lives.

Nearly 11,000 copies of "The Journey to the Moon of Tít and Mít" will be handed out to children at 60 Vincom Centres from September 15 to 24.


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