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How did my cash payment habits change?

Update: July, 26/2018 - 08:30

Since using this modern payment application, my life has positively changed. As a person who was always cautious of managing money, I used to trusted in cash payment only. However I have changed my payment habit. It is now only with a cellphone, all of my ATM cards and membership cards are fully integrated with Samsung Pay, and above all others, it is still absolutely secured.

Have you ever experienced the feeling of regretfully looking at your favorite items sold to somebody else, or how embarrassing it is when your money is not enough to pay for a coffee bill? Having gone through all of these, I shall share a tip to stay away from these troubles.

The strong need of e-payment solution

In the past, I only trust in things that I was sure of. Especially, I was very cautious of what I considered to be risky like crediting all my money to cards. It was partly due to my habits, and partly due to the obsession with the ATM card theft, I was not so interested in card payment. That was why I always considered cash as my top payment method, although I had dozens of bank cards "hoarding" while still a student.

Managing money by using cash gave me a sense of security and a "peace of mind". With the available amount of cash, I felt more comfortable paying for the supermarket bills, buying milk tea, or paying for coffee with friends, etc. The story would not last until one day, an incident has changed my mind.

That day when I was happily walking on Nguyen Hue walking street with friends, my bag was suddenly “temporarily taken” by a snatcher on a motorcycle. Thankfully, I did not keep anything precious in the bag except for some cash to buy shoes as a reward for myself. It was not a large amount of money, but that accident made me worry about how to protect money and belongings. I started thinking of smart money solutions that could help me store more cards, as I was too stunned by a bunch of cards for cinema, supermarket, office, parking, etc.

Without any hesitation, I immediately searched for "simple – safe – convenient money management" to find a solution. I was then really confused with a variety of solutions, however, none of them pleased me. Suddenly, I accidentally clicked on an article with this content:

"With Samsung Pay, Samsung smartphone users can pay their bills with one-touch method without the need for cash or credit cards. Samsung Pay can operate on the lock screen and compatible with POS machines used in supermarkets, restaurants with high security.Recently, Samsung has supported most of banks and payment systems in Việt Nam such as Agribank, Techcombank, TP Bank, Maritime Bank, SeABank, Saigon Bank (SCB), Woori Bank Việt Nam, FE Credit, etc. You can even withdraw money via ATM at Shinhan Bank, and the Samsung S3 Smart Watch is also supported."

Samsung Pay - "The easy, convenient, and secured e-wallet”

At that very moment, my eyes lit up, "What an all-in-one service I need." Then I started looking at the Galaxy S9 - my inseparable item - and thought: "From now on, sweetheart, you have a new mission!” Thanks to the online guidance, I made the whole process of entering card data to the Samsung Pay application on my phone quickly and easily. Feeling so enthusiastic with this new discovery, I then went to a convenient store nearby to shop with the new "Galaxy S9 wallet", leaving all cash at home.

Once having selected the items I wanted, as a habit, I intended to pay by cash, suddenly I remembered "my special wallet". Without hesitation, I pulled out the cellphone, swiped and selected the authentication method by fingerprint, brought the phone close to the card connector (POS machine). Seconds later, a payment acceptance message popped up. The process of payment was so quickly that brought me a look of surprise from the surrounding customers; which was really interesting to me.

One thing that makes me happy to use Samsung Pay is its very high security compared to the other current payment methods (with 3 layers of security). Therefore, I can make payment safely, reduce the inherent security risks on physical cards.

In particular, while the payments are made via mobile phone application, with biometric authentication (fingerprint scanning, iris scanning) and PIN code, all the information integrated with the Samsung Pay application will still be secured even if the cellphone was taken by someone else, it brings an absolute “piece of mind” to the users.

Since then, I paid for almost everything with Samsung Pay, from supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants to movie tickets, live shows, etc. In fact, I noticed Samsung Pay brings a lot more useful features than what I have read about, such as the membership card management feature on the application which replaces a variety of membership cards including loyalty cards, privileged cards, etc., or other value added services.

With one touch operation, Samsung Pay offers me not only paying or accumulating points, but also many other surprise gifts such as promotion for dining, vouchers for shopping, movies or even free gym services, etc., from famous brands such as Lotte, Cros, CVG Cinemas, BHD, Robins, New Balance, Speedo, The Face Shop, etc.

As you can see, that was how Samsung Pay has changed my habits. My bag is now lighter, though I still keep the habits of bringing cash, but not much and rarely use, except for the occasional street food. From a “gossip" with my friends, I discovered many of my friends and colleagues have been using Samsung Pay for a long time. At the same time, I also instructed many people to use Samsung Pay on their Samsung cellphones.

Up to now, I still keep the habit of spending money thoughtfully, but Samsung Pay has helped me no longer have to worry about money management. And now, I am able to happily dismiss my previous worries with a more relaxing mind to fully enjoy my busy life.

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