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Hậu Giang Pharmaceutical: driving business by improving product quality

Update: June, 21/2018 - 08:20

The Hậu Giang Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (DHG) is one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical cosmetics industry and functional foods in Việt Nam.

Having attracted large foreign investment capital, Hậu Giang Pharmaceutical has constantly worked on improving the quality of its products, which it considers as its highest commitment to affirm its prestige in the market.

Hậu Giang Pharmaceutical was announced by Nhịp Cầu Đầu Tư newspaper as one of Việt Nam’s 50 best-performing companies in 2018.

Constantly improving product quality

Since its establishment nearly half a century ago, Hậu Giang Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company has always prioritised its commitment to provide high-quality products and services to fulfill its mission of improving human health. Not only does this work to the advantage of consumers, it also enhances the prestige of enterprises in a competitive market, creating a friendly but high-quality brand in the heart of each partner and customer.

DHG is aware of the role of technology as well as modern equipment in enhancing product quality. Because of this, the company has invested in the application of the most modern equipment as well as green and fresh pharmaceutical extraction technology in order to offer the best value to its consumers.

At the same time, DHG is also a pioneer in the application of scientific research to its products. With this in mind, the company has set up a long-term cooperation initiative with leading scientists in Việt Nam to develop products from biotechnology, using natural sources with specific formulas. As a result of this collaboration, Naturenz, which provides support for the treatment of liver diseases, was produced using biotechnology to extract enzymes from vegetables. NattoEnzym, which helps prevent seizures and stabilizes blood pressure, was also created using Nattokinase sourced exclusively from Japan with certification quality assurance from the Japanese Nattokinase Association (JNKA). These two products, together with Eyelight Vita Eye Drops, have been certified by the Ministry of Health through "Clinical Trial Results" for efficacy during treatment as well as prophylaxis for extracted products derived from natural resources.

Another main reason for its partners’ and customers’ trust in the quality of DHG products is the company’s is strict adherence to ISO/IEC 17025, GMP-WHO, GLP, and GSP standards, as well as those of the GDP and GPP, regarding production, storage, and distribution of products. The company has also adhered closely to regulations set by the Ministry of Health and the Drug Administration Department of Việt Nam.


Attracting large foreign investments

With stable growth as well as prestige in the market, DHG has become the "destination" for many investment funds and foreign partners looking for collaborative prospects.

Taisho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a Japanese pharmaceutical company, is currently a major shareholder, owning 24.44 per cent of DHG's chartered capital. Taisho’s investment in DHG is due to the company’s ability to compete with high-quality products in the market as well as its modern production lines. Taisho has committed to work with DHG to implement research and development (R&D) plant upgrades, production management, and business cooperation programmes.

Another "gold" partner that has partnered with Hậu Giang Pharmaceutical to produce the functional food Nattokinase is Japanese company Japan Bio Science Laboratory Co., Ltd. (JBSL). One of the leading companies in Japan, JBSL has more than 40 years of experience in extracting active ingredients from nature, researching, and producing nattokinase enzymes from fermented soybeans. In fact, JBSL has become a dominant enterprise in the global nattokinase supply market.

Both companies see this collaboration as a means of ensuring the availability of high quality raw materials for business and good products for the health of the Vietnamese people.

As a community - oriented company with a focus on care, protection, and improvement of health for everyone, DHG has become one of the most prestigious brands in the fields of pharmaceutical cosmetics and functional food in Việt Nam. DHG has received awards in many prestigious categories such as a spot in the Top 10 most prestigious Vietnamese pharmaceutical companies in 2017 according to the Việt Nam Report, a TOP 40 spot in Việt Nam's Most Valuable Company brands in 2016 - 2017 by Forbes Việt Nam, Top 50 best listed companies in Vietnam - Forbes Vietnam voted in 04 consecutive years and being voted into the Việt Nam High Quality Goods list by customers for 22 consecutive years.

On June 7, Hậu Giang Pharmaceutical was announced by Nhịp Cầu Đầu Tư newspaper as one of Việt Nam’s 50 best-performing companies in 2018, marking the 7th consecutive year the company received the accolade.

DHG has consistently ranked among the top companies with outstanding business growth, which is highly appreciated by its many domestic and foreign partners. It is the inevitable result of a nearly half century of hard work, and a constant commitment to work for the benefit of the community as a starting point for all of its endeavours.

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