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Touring the stages where top 16 dance crews fight for the finale of Flashmob – The Wave of Youth

Update: May, 27/2019 - 09:15

When the videos of 16 semi-finalist dance crews in the contest Flashmob 2019 – the Wave of Youth are posted on the contest’s fan page for online voting, viewers are not only impressed by the performances and ideas made by the teams but also by special stages that are used for the performances.

Outstanding performances on the “Roof of Indochina”

During the contest’s semi-final round for the Northwest region, the tourism site Sun World Fansipan Legend became more lively with the presence of the four semi-finalists: The Rainbow Club of the Vietnam Youth Academy, the Zeal Dance Crew of the Phu Tho Province Student Association, the Student Association of Cao Bang Teachers’ Training College, and the STT01-22 of the Faculty of International Studies of the Ha Noi National University.

The teams’ performances were different in ideas and choreographies but they were all about the strength of the Vietnamese young generation and the love for their home country.


In the yellow uniform, Zeal Dance Crew of Phu Tho Province’s Student Association did stunning moves with their performance named “The festival beat”

In a red shirt with yellow star, representing Viet Nam’s national flag, the Rainbow Club of the Vietnam Youth Academy showed their youthfulness and love of the country with the performance named “Get high”

Drawing attention of the audience was the Student Association of Cao Bang Teachers’ Training College in the traditional costumes of Tay and Nung peoples to show their love of local cultures and country. The team dance was named “My hometown of Cao Bang” as they wanted to introduce the province to students across the country.


In a cool, foggy weather, the teams were extremely excited to train and perform in the place that’s called “The roof of Indochina”

“It is an interesting experience for us to come to Sapa and perform at Sun World Fansipan Legend. This is not just a contest but also a chance for us to immerse ourselves in the majestic scene of the mountain, to see the unique design of the buildings on the Roof of Indochina, and above all, to introduce our Cao Bang cultures on the Fansipan,” a member of Cao Bang Teachers’ Training College team said.

The beauty of the heritage site

Present at the Sun World Halong Complex (Ha Long City of Quang Ninh Province), four dance teams – the Vietnam Maritime University, the dance crew HNCheer – RAPS, the Banking Academy – BAAT dance group, and the Viet Bac Art and Culture College’s Dance Faculty – had some dynamic and energetic training sessions and performances. 

Beside spending every minute on flashmob dance, it was memorable for the four teams to experience the fresh air and enjoy beautiful sightseeing at Sun World Halong Complex


Considered the most-stunning dance crew, HNCheer-RAPS members were trying to form a “people tower”. The group leader said the team focused on a specific dance known as cheerleading, which comes from Western countries. The dance is often cheerful and is aimed at motivating the spirit of the audience and contestants and bringing a lively environment for an event or a game. 


“Forming a tower represents the strength and creativity of the youth, and it proves young people are always limitlessly energetic, lively and creative – just like the contest’s name “The wave of youth”


All four teams were extremely excited in having the chance to perform at Sun World Halong Complex as every member wanted to see the giant Sun Wheel and the legendary Queen Cable Car System with their own eyes as well as to check themselves in everywhere they were.

Sun World Ba Na Hills stunned by outstanding dances

Performers at Sun World Ba Na Hills were Dlavin Flash Crew, BDTeam of the Binh Dinh Student Association, Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, and Due Dance of University of Da Nang’s University of Economics.


The crews used the vintage design of buildings at Sun World Ba Na Hills as the background for their dances, showing their youthfulness and love for the country.


Qualifying for the semi-final as the team with the highest fan votes, the dance crew of Binh Dinh Student Association made other teams aware of their power for bringing intriguing shows.


The dance crew of Hue University of Medicine and Pharmacy, with much of liveliness and colour, combined modern moves, traditional songs and electronic music to make their dances more attractive.


In addition to filming and performing activities, the four teams toured Sun World Ba Na Hills, enjoying fascinating views at the site.

Considered the wonderland with four seasons existing in the same day, splendid castles hiding in the cloud and the legendary Golden Bridge, the teams said visiting Sun World Ba Na Hills was a dream-come-true for them.

Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park – the endless inspiration of sea, sand and sunshine

The entertainment complex Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park is where four flashmob dance crews – Van Lang Art and Design University, Sai Gon University Student Association, the Passion of the Van Lang University, and Binh Duong Univesity – competed.


In a poetic scene with deep blue sea, white sand and golden sunshine, the four dance crews performed their emotional choreographies and their shows were so colourful in record.


They also had a tour around the island, experience Hon Thom Cable Car System – the longest cable car run in the world – and showed their excitement in a number of games and activities such as playing with the floating house and trying kayaking.


Of the four teams competing on Ngoc Island, the crew from Van Lang University’s Art and Design Faculty was exceptionally impressive as their dance moves were inspired by Vietnamese lullabies and stocks – the two images that are very familiar to most of Vietnamese people when they were kids.

The shows and performances of the teams at Sun World’s four centres are posted on the fanpage www.facebook.com/diff.vn/ on May 24 for fan voting. From 16 teams, four will qualify for the final of the contest. Sixty per cent of the score for each team comes from the judges and the remainder comes from fan votes. Besides, performances of the 16 teams are broadcast on VTV6 from May 28 to June 12 at 21.50-22.00 everyday. 

The finale of Flashmob – “The wave of youth” will take place on June 29, 2019 at Sun World Danang Wonders in Đà Nẵng. It promises to be a grand finale of young people with tremendous stage, dynamic performances and huge prizes.

The teams will receive commendations of the Vietnam Student Central Association. The winner wins the first prize worth VND100 million and the prize for the second-place is worth VND50 million. Two third-place teams win the prize worth VND30 million each, and three fourth-place teams win the prize worth VND20 million each.

There are also an award for the team with the highest number of like hits on the social network, worth VND20 million, and an award of creativity worth VND20 million.


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