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The hospitality industry is undergoing tremendous disruptions but the major challenges facing hotel owners and operators as they try to drive both top-line and bottom-line growth remain. How can emerging hotel technologies help hoteliers achieve their goals? The upcoming “Transformation in Hospitality: Southeast Asia” event will attempt to shed light on these questions.

The conferences - hosted by TRG International in Ha Noi (May 21) and Ho Chi Minh City (May 23) - are aimed at equipping hotel owners and operators with actionable insights into the tourism and hospitality market in Southeast Asia, as well as how emerging digital technologies are transforming the hotel industry.

The attendants will have an opportunity to listen to what renowned thought leaders in the field have to say about the future of the industry.

Ken Atkinson, Executive Chairman of Grant Thornton, will share his views about the current trends and future outlook of the travel and tourism sector in Vietnam.

The main focus of the conference is the appearance by Ted Horner, a senior consultant and General Director of E Horner & Associates, with more than 30 years of experience consulting for hotel operators and investors from major hotel chains worldwide. Possessing overwhelming experience and knowledge, he has been a regular speaker in many international hospitality conferences and is an innovative founder and member of several influential forums in the industry, such as HTNG, HFTP and HITEC. Ted Horner will deliver the keynote speech - “The Future of Hotel Technologies”. It will provide a holistic overview of emerging hotel technologies such as voice assistants, robots, AI, the Internet of Things (IoT), and biometric authentication. These advancements are enabling hotels to streamline operations and deliver personalised services that meet individual needs of all guests.

The conference will also welcome Vu Minh Tri, Vice President of the Cloud Services department at VNG Corporation and Managing Director at VinaData Cloud Services. He will explain how cloud computing is fuelling digital innovations across the hotel industry.

The event is also a great opportunity for hoteliers to expand their professional networks among international hospitality executives and experts.

The latest hospitality technologies such as AI, IoT and Cloud services are having profound impacts on all aspects of the hotel industry - generating more revenue, streamlining operations and providing more personalised guest experiences. The opportunities are endless.

Many hotels have already implemented some forms of IoT to centrally monitor guest room temperatures, as an example. This allows hotels to reduce the energy costs of cooling or heating vacant rooms.

In addition, Hotels can now provide their customers with all the information and services they need via AI-powered applications such as chatbots, virtual assistants and robotic concierges. In some instances, these solutions can respond to the client's queries much faster and more accurately than their human counterparts, leading to significantly improved guest experiences.

The transition to the Cloud makes hotels more capable of adapting to changing consumer expectations and demands in order to improve guest services and ultimately drive additional sales. Cloud services also enable hotels to drastically cut expenses on infrastructure investments and other costs of in-house IT.

The event is organised by TRG International in partnership with Infor, Vina Data, Hottab and other leading IT vendors in the hospitality industry.

TRG International has served more 1,000 clients, from budget hotels to 6-star luxury resorts, in more than 80 countries in the past 25 years. TRG’s hospitality solutions ensure all guests remain happy and so do owners, operators and staff.

Infor helps hotels around the world maximise revenue potential, streamline operations and build a better guest experience.

As a global leader in providing industry-specific business applications in the cloud, Infor understands how difficult it is for hoteliers to boost profits while ensuring all guest expectations are met without a digital technology revamp.

During VNG’s strong development over the past 14 years, VinaData has accomplished the mission of providing infrastructure, continuously developing the technology platform and applications to meet the requirements of providing services to VNG’s systems including games, social networks, music sharing, photos, movies and online chat platforms. VinaData is currently the leading Cloud computing service provider in Viet Nam, supporting its ecosystem of more than 120 million customers, across 232 countries and territories.

The details of the event are as follows:


9 AM – 4 PM



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