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Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort – an ideal meeting place surrounded by nature

Update: February, 03/2019 - 09:24

Spring is considered the ideal time for the most joyful and emotional meetings, so why don’t we meet together at the place called the "human paradise" – Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort?

In spite of just being launched in April 2018, Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is already known as a perfect resort paradise because the natural scenery is spectacular enough to impress all visitors. The entire resort stretches along the Ông Đội Cape strip of land and covers two rare sea surfaces.

The signature of Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort is the three to four bedroom rooms with luxurious and modern facilities and private swimming pools, suitable for the whole family or a group of close friends to recall interesting memories that they have long forgotten. With a nature-friendly design, the chain of white villas is like a string of jewels that gods give to humanity, scattered from the hill to the sea, connected by roads covered with green trees.

At dazzling sunrise or sunset, Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort looks like it is wearing a charming, enchanting and gorgeous gown. Admire this moment, it seems that time is settling and our emotions are full.

The centre of the resort is the main restaurants and fancy multistage swimming pool. From here, visitors can stroll from one side of the beach to the other side in just a few minutes. Connected by fragrant frangipani gardens, the entertainment area also has a kids club, convenience store and water games.

One of the most enjoyable moments when travelling is relaxing time at a spa. With a unique location right on the hill overlooking the whole resort, Plumeria Spa is loved for its simplicity and rustic feel, helping visitors find peace of mind in the middle of nature. The skin and body treatments also help visitors add more positive energy, making every vacation full of happiness.

Amidst this peaceful nature of Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort, let’s gather up and enjoy a memorable vacation.

For more details and reservations, please contact:

Email: HB2R4@accor.com

Phone Number: 0297 354 6666

Website: https://www.premiervillage-phuquoc.com


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