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Update: November, 29/2018 - 12:53

AGVs (Automated guided vehicles)

Industry 4.0 technology is becoming more important in economics. This is especially true given the increase in automation and data exchange in business and production.

Starting 20 years ago, in accordance with the prediction about the rise of the modern industry, Jungheinrich has researched and developed AVG automatic forklifts, which help reduce manual labour and promote productivity with absolute accuracy.

Newest generation of AGVs in CeMAT 2018

For goods management, AGVs will help move goods to any destination within the shortest time, doubling the number of pallets moved compared to conventional forklift drivers. All the trucks and goods are controlled by the warehouse management system, which helps the operator move the goods with absolute accuracy.

With their sensors helping to identify obstacles along the way, the AGVs will provide the best safety when moving in warehouses. For example, it can transport up to 2.5 tons of cargo to the station safely and automatically by using laser positioning accurate to within millimeters. AGVs can also automatically stop when “seeing” any obstacles in their way and restart when the way is clear.


Safer, more efficient and more accurate with Jungheinrich's AGVs

Import-export management process using AGVs

AGVs will help operators manage their fleets of trucks, the amount of goods and their positions in the warehouses. When operators need to export, import or transfer goods to other warehouses, they just need to enter the product code (or scan on the phone) into the Warehouse Management System (WMS). After that, the operator will work on the software to give orders to the trucks. When the job is complete, the system will change the quantity of the good.

Even if the operator is far away from the warehouse, they can still manage their trucks and goods. They just need to give an order through the Jungheinrich app. This order will be sent to the direct operator at the warehouse to confirm, then the work will be done and the quantity of goods on the system will be changed.

WMS – Warehouse Management System

Warehouses of e-commerce companies and large warehouses with many different types of goods can benefit from this system, which ensures processing accuracy and speed.

The software is very easy to integrate into existing warehouse management software, which is our big advantage compared to others. 


Rotomatik VN was established in 2006 with its head office in Ho Chi Minh City, and has expanded its network nationwide. Rotomatik VN is the exclusive distributor of products, equipment and spare parts from Jungheinrich.

With more than 10 years of experience in providing materials and handling equipment, and a team of technicians trained directly by Jungheinrich, Rotomatik VN has provided the highest quality products and services to manufacturing and logistics companies across Vietnam. Together with the continuous development of Jungheinrich in terms of quality and technology, Rotomatik VN will quickly provide these improvements to customers.

Some of Jungheinrich’s trucks were distributed by ROTOMATIK VN

VNA trucks were distributed by ROTOMATIK VN to customer sites

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