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The future prosperity of South Phú Quốc

Update: July, 06/2018 - 09:00

A "prosperous era" has opened in South Phú Quốc with well-invested billion-dollar projects; a five-star resort that has been honoured once operational and resort villas considered a masterpiece of the sky.

The "strip" journey of South Phú Quốc

When discussing the shining journey of the South of Phú Quốc, firstly, it is necessary to mention the pioneering role of the Sun Group. The strategic vision, the investment, experience and prestige of the Sun Group has brought South Phú Quốc from a "sleeping island" with potential to a destination for luxury resorts. More importantly, that reputation has gone beyond the territory of Việt Nam. The world’s well-known resort brands are now in existence in the South of the Emerald Island, from international management units such as AccorHotels and JW Marriott, thanks to the “witch” Bill Bensley, the king of the resort.

The five-star resort JW Marriott Phú Quốc Emerald Bay is a typical success story for the prophecy that South Phú Quốc will be named to the international tourist map. Originally designed by Bill Bensley, after just one year being in operation, JW Marriott Phú Quốc Emerald Bay has been honored by the World Travel Awards as the best new resort in 2017.

Premier Village Phú Quốc Resort at Ông Đội Cape is another outstanding example. Designed by Australia’s Darkhorse Architecture, this luxury resort has recently been honored with the five-star best Interior Design Award at the PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2018. Located in a unique place with two sides of beach, designed in harmony with nature and with the new ideas of interior architecture, the resort has won the biggest and most prestigious property award in the real estate sector in Việt Nam, although it opened only in April, 2018.

And it is forecast that in the upcoming time, other prestigious international awards will continue to be won by high-class projects in South Phú Quốc.

In addition, it is necessary to mention Sun World Hòn Thơm Nature Park complex with the world’s longest cable car and sea paradise entertainment with attractive games such as canoeing, kayaking and diving. Since it opened in February 2018, thousands of visitors have come to this place every day to experience the longest cable car and the exciting entertainment area. This is also the new growth engine for Emerald island tourism. Without stopping there, Sun Group is continuing to create new projects to complete the ecosystem of luxury resorts in the South of Island.

According to the master plan until 2030, An Thới town in the South of Island will become one of the three largest urban areas on the Emerald Island, along with Dương Đông and Cửa Cạn. Therefore, South Phú Quốc is improving every day to become a centre of luxury resorts in Asia and the world. That is the reason why real estate experts have predicted South Phú Quốc will soon become a Bali, Sentosa or Maldives.

This assessment is affirmed when the giant Sun Group has recently disclosed the information that the group is creating a great and majestic project under the foot of Hòn Thơm cable car.

The prosperous future

It is not difficult to predict the “gold” future of Phú Quốc tourism as the number of visitors to this place is increasing, especially thanks to the billion dollar project in the island.

According to the Kiên Giang Tourism Department, cumulative visitors in the first five months of this year to Phú Quốc reached 1.3 million, up 42.8 per cent over the same period last year, while international visitors increased 70.6 per cent. The number of visitors who stayed at least one night on the island in the first six months reached 300,321, a year-on-year increase of 10.3 per cent. Spending turnover reached VNĐ513.5 billion (US$22.3 million), up 31.2 per cent over the same period last year. This number will increase as South Phú Quốc becomes the centre of luxury travel. In only one year, tourists tend to choose to stay in South Phú Quốc instead of Dương Đông town as before.

At South Phú Quốc, visitors will not only be immersed in the crystal sea, putting their feet on the fine white sand, watching the thousands of wild and rocky cliffs, enjoying the five-star international hotels located in lavish resort areas, but also enjoy shopping, snorkeling and sun-drenched lounging in a young harbour, Sun Premier Village Primavera. The Amalfi style architecture, like a small Mediterranean located at the foot of the cable car Hòn Thơm, will be where any visitor must visit when coming to Phú Quốc.

With this new super-product, Sun Group will create an Italian-style port in the South, continue to affirm their vision and aesthetic thinking. In the midst of the endless blue of the sea, the hills will be vibrant colors, full of vitality as the shophouse is designed delicately on many altitudes. Among the crowded shophouse businesses, there are still plants and flowers and the roads inside the winding spacious expanses. The prosperity and abundance is always flooded in this place.

Investors immediately anticipated that the shophouse at Sun Premier Village Primavera would be the most impressive product line in Phú Quốc, giving more confidence in the "golden" future of the South of island. And then, the huge influx of visitors to southern Phú Quốc will spend many days exploring the travel paradise resort created by Sun Group. Visitors to the Hòn Thơm cable car station will enjoy the feeling of being in the Italy, admire the architectural characteristics and blend into the busy atmosphere of the busy harbour.

Look at the number of tourists flocking to Amalfi every year just to admire the architectural beauty, breathtaking scenery with cliffs standing on both sides and deep blue water, it is enough to imagine the future of Sun Premier Village Primavera. The prosperity has been spread, bringing a new spring for South Phú Quốc, and at the same time wealth for investors.

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