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A bustling seaside town along Hạ Long Bay

Update: January, 24/2018 - 12:18

The coastal resort property market have been booming in the country’s central and southern regions in recent years. Now, the boom has spread to the northern region.

After Phú Quốc in southern province of Kiên Giang, Nha Trang in central Khánh Hòa province and central Đà Nẵng City, the northern coastal provinces have caught the eyes of property developers and investors, given their large untapped potential.

Among them, Quảng Ninh Province has a number of advantages for resort tourism.

The northern province, where the world’s Natural Heritage Hạ Long Bay is located, has become a magnet for investments in resort property in the northern region.

The number of tourist arrivals to the province has increased 20-25 per cent annually, and is estimated to reach 9.8 million in 2017. More than 42 per cent of the arrivals were foreign tourists.

According to the provincial People’s Committee, it remains important to associate property development with tourism development strategy.

Many tourism property projects from big investors were begun recently, contributing significantly to changing the urban landscape of the coastal city, which helped attract investors, as well as tourists to Quảng Ninh.

A model bird view of Halong Marina. – Photo BIM Group

One of the notable projects is Halong Marina.
With its advantageous location in the heart of Hạ Long City and serving as the gateway to the Bãi Cháy tourism area, Halong Marina, covering nearly 250 hectares along a 4 kilometre coastline, and with a spectacular view of Hạ Long Bay, is worthy of the provincial People’s Committes’s trust, believing that the urban area would become a vibrant tourism and financial hub in the northern region.
In the past five years, with a developed infrastructure system, Halong Marina, as well as its developer BIM Group, have confirmed its leading position in Hạ Long City.

Here, BIM Group develops not only housing projects, but also recreation complexes such as Halong Marine Plaza and Marina Bay beach, Singapore International School, CGV cinema, Kid Dream, as well as parks and lakes to create an ideal living environment.

It is easy to understand why every project in Halong Marina is attractive to buyers.

Halong Marina will become a regional tourism and finance hub. – Photo BIM Group

However, BIM Group has a higher ambition for Halong Marina. With a 1:2000 scale planning recently approved, Halong Marina is getting ready to become the golden destination in the region.

Under the new plan, the urban area will be divided into four zones. The north of Hoàng Quốc Việt Street will be a zone for residential projects, while the three peninsulas in the south of Hoàng Quốc Việt Steet will be developed into a finance and tourism hub.

The central peninsula will be the heart of Halong Marina, and will be developed with a festive boulevard, displaying the features of the famous La Rable street in the coastal city of Barcelona, including a pedestrian street with shops and boutique hotels, and Marine Times Square, where tourism and cultural events will take place.

The developer said that the central peninsula would reshape the skyline of the coastal city with outstanding architectural blocks of up to 40 storeys, which will become head offices of multinational companies, banks and hotels.

Halong Marina is to become an all-in-one complex along Hạ Long Bay, the developer said.

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