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The Successful Launching of “Made from Japan” Home – VMIRAI

Update: November, 24/2017 - 17:10

On 11/11/2017, FUJIKEN HIMLAMBC Ltd, a Japanese and Vietnamese joint venture, officially opened an exclusive Launching Event at Long Bien Golf Course for VMIRAI Villas Project, which comprised of only 6 villas overlooking the peaceful green. The event was a true success from the Japanese developer that strived to provide Vietnamese customers with a Japanese standard home and lifestyle experience.

Mr. Hisashi Maki, the president of the joint venture stated in his event speech, “The VMIRAI project is the unique one in the market because of the Japanese design and Japanese construction technique. This is the first project in Vietnam, the company desires to introduce a Japanese life style to Vietnamese customers. VMIRAI stand for The Future of Vietnam. The project brings a living experience with the superior-class, exquisite and effective spirit of Japan. We desire to raise an awareness of the Japanese home on Vietnamese customers. Furthermore, Vietnamese customers would well-received the Japanese product from VMIRAI Villas”.

In the Site visit activity, our reporter had quick interviews with some of customers who had just finished the tour in order to assemble more actual opinions about the VMIRAI Villas.

Please kindly let us know how do you feel about this Villa?
Mr. Hung (an investor) said: This is the first time I have ever experienced a Japanese house like this. Maybe I have never been to Japan, but base on my experience, this villa is unique and different from other villas in the market.

Can you be more specific?
Compare to other projects, the design is really different. It makes you feel Japan. Rooms are maybe small but I can feel the cozy atmosphere, enhanced by the elegance and luxury of the design and furniture. You should see the wooden floor, it feels soft in every step. It must have been because of the special material and the floor construction method.

We would like to know what do you find interesting about this Villa?
Ms. Huyen (a director of a business) told us: I am a woman so I have to take a good care of the household chores, at first, I find this Villa is really close to Aeon Mall. My family is living in Long Bien District, we frequently come to Aeon Mall to buy everything like food, household necessaries. But most of the time we have to drive and it takes about 15 minutes with good traffic condition. When we heard about this project, our family have to consider because we like a private area and living space, and it takes about five minutes walking to a commercial center like Aeon mall. Additionally, I am looking for a gym center which near my house, has a swimming pool for my kids, Aeon Mall has a quality one which meets my expectation, so that’s why I feel interested in this project.

Could you share with us what impressed you the most from the site visit?
Mr. Trung (owner of a construction business): the first impression is quality of construction, shown from the use of very high quality finishing materials that give the luxury feeling from outside.  Base on the introduction of the Owner that the outside wall includes about 4 to 5 layers of various materials, I can understand how their construction techniques features water-proof, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, heat insulation, etc. to sustain in Vietnamese weather condition. I do not see any Vietnamese developers building a house like that. The Owner must have taken a long time and a lot of hard work to research and experiment about weather condition. I would contact them soon to discuss more about their extraordinary construction techniques, and maybe, to buy one of these reliable villas.

As a golfer, would you buy a house which has a broad view to a Golf course like VMIRAI Villa?
Mr. Tuan (a businessman) said: Definitely, but I need to examine the price and other related information. In my opinion, this house is truly convenient for a golfer. Imagine every morning, you wake up and see a green, beautiful and vast scene from your house, and you are really a few steps away from your favorite sport. My family now stays in Cau Giay District, which is far from Long Bien Golf Course. So, when there is a villa project near the golf course, I actually need to visit. It is possible that I could buy one villa after considering and looking for more information. I have to say this project is really convenient for a passionate golfer like me.

Hereafter some images from the VMIRAI Launching Event:

There were number of special guests coming to this exclusive event in Long Bien Golf Course

The exquisite and luxury space only for the event


The representative of FUJIKEN group and FUJIKEN HIMLAMBC – the Project Owner

Japanese and Vietnamese performances were colorful and expressed the characteristic of the VMIRAI project

The project staffs supported and consulted guests about VMIRAI project: the location, the Japanese unique technique construction and design, …

The VMIRAI project overview. There are four completed villas, specially the Villa A which is completed exterior and interior construction, full furniture options – The Show Villa.

The Villa has a broad view to the Long Bien Golf Course. This is the exclusive and considerable advantage of the VMIRAI, which is really more suitable and convenience for any passionate Golfer

VMIRAI actual Interior design and furniture (Villa A)

Guests come to visit Villa A - Show Villa in event main activity

Due to the success of the event, there are many guests pay more attention and want to know more about the VMIRAI projects. This is the evidence of the project’s value. It is a confirmation for the permanent value of Japanese quality and also the strong and stable introduction of FUJIKEN brand to the market. VMIRAI brings to Vietnam a Generations of Worth.


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