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Expat guide to healthcare service in Viet Nam

Update: September, 15/2017 - 10:13

Living in a faraway place, it is essential for expats to know about the country's healthcare service as an effective way of protecting themselves. Below is an overview of the healthcare service in Viet Nam that expats should take into account.

Even though there has been dramatic improvement in the past few years, the public healthcare service in Viet Nam remains a major issue. Firstly, doctors are seriously overworked, with the number of patients having significantly increased. Overworked doctors may suffer health problems themselves, and, as a result, may offer lower quality of care to their patients. Not only doctors, facilities in public hospitals are also failing to meet treatment demands. At present, in many public hospitals in Viet Nam, it is extremely common to see two or even three patients sharing a single bed. The lack of beds and space at the hospital has created inconvenience to patients, doctors and nurses.

Public healthcare service in Viet Nam is overloaded

Moreover, the cost of the healthcare service in Viet Nam is considerably high compared with the standard of living. The cost of visiting specialists, such as dentists and dermatologists, is a significant expense. Generally, while prices are still lower than the rates charged in Western countries, specialists who market themselves for the expat population will charge more than those doctors who treat locals. More importantly, prices and costs at the best hospitals in Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City have risen even more sharply recently.

With these disadvantages, buying health insurance is a good choice for expats to protect themselves and their loved ones during the duration of their stay in Viet Nam. A good health insurance policy helps an expat cover all medical costs (tests, hospitalisation, visits, surgery) right in the country. In case of any serious injury or illness, an expat can quickly avail good quality treatment in Viet Nam or travel to the closest city abroad for consultation.

To make sure your time in Viet Nam is hassle-free, do not forget to buy a good health insurance package

Not only in Viet Nam, health insurance for expats is often designed for treatment internationally. Expats are fully paid for most of the treatment in the coverage area. At present, there are some insurance companies that offer expats a wide range of unique features and optional covers. To save cost, expats in Viet Nam prefer comprehensive insurance packages from companies that have group and family discounts, as well as many flexible benefit options, such as cover for illnesses, accidents, medical examination and treatment in Viet Nam or abroad.

Take Khristopher Munn for example. When he moved to Viet Nam in 2010, he signed up for health insurance from Liberty at his friend’s recommendation. In early 2017, he developed polyneuropathy and was admitted to Mount Alvernia Hospital in Singapore. During his treatment, not only did he receive the payment from Liberty, he was also looked after closely by Liberty’s staff. Mr. Munn said: “I am absolutely satisfied with Liberty's service. It helped ease my mind while dealing with the disease.”
One of the most reputable insurance providers not only in America but also in Viet Nam, expats prefer Liberty Healthcare because of its comprehensive coverage, including illness, accidents and treatment of cancer. Moreover, as an insurance company based in Viet Nam, Liberty also plays an active role in consulting and supporting customers promptly.

With a sterling reputation built over 10 years, Liberty Healthcare Insurance packages are designed for expats living in Viet Nam as well as the burgeoning local middle class. It covers medical examinations in Viet Nam and abroad, medical checks, vaccinations and treatment of up to VND22 billion. Further, the insurance covers all surgical expenses, oncology treatment, local ambulance service, organ transplant and home nursing requirements. This helps expats miminise the risk of illness, get regular health checks, ensure early detection, reduce treatment time and fee, and increase treatment effectiveness.

Liberty is one of the most reputable insurance providers in Viet Nam

At present, Liberty is associated with the most prestigious hospitals and clinics in key cities such as Ha Noi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. These hospitals are spacious, well-equipped and well-known for their friendly environment. Expats are now able to take advantage of qualified and experienced doctors and the excellent medical facilities at these leading hospitals.

Mr. Dan, a Liberty customer for five years, was diagnosed with chest cancer. Months ago, he underwent an operation and chemotherapy treatment. He has now been informed that he needs more radiotherapy treatment. Since fee for this treatment is high, the doctors he was consulting suggested he go to a public hospital. To help Mr. Dan communicate with the hospital and feel comfortable during his treatment, Liberty followed his case closely and even visited the hospital with him.
Accurate, quick and fair compensation procedures, along with a 24/7 customer service centre, are great additions to Liberty Health Insurance. Besides this, if customers buy a Liberty package, they can utilise the 24-hour free medical consultation service provided by International SOS.

Liberty Insurance (Vietnam) is a part of Liberty Mutual Insurance, a global multinational insurance group with its headquarters in Boston, USA. Liberty offers a wide range of personal insurance products (car insurance, motorbike insurance, travel insurance, house insurance, health insurance) and corporate insurance (property insurance, personal accident insurance).
Currently, Liberty is giving free gifts and insurance worth up to VND3 million for new purchase of health insurance via its website or hotline1800 599 998 (free of charge).


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