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Cuon Viet restaurant chain opens in Can Tho and Ben Tre

Update: August, 30/2017 - 11:08

With the launch of new stores in two provinces, Ben Tre and Can Tho, late in the third quarter and early in the last quarter of 2017, the Cuon Viet restaurant chain continues to expand the scale of its three-region culinary experience to fuel the passion for traditional rolled dishes among southwestern Vietnamese diners.

On August 23 and September 2, Cuon Viet had their grand openings in Sense City Can Tho and Sense City Ben Tre trade centres, respectively. Beside marking Red Wok Cuisine JSC’s milestones in the penetration of the domestic market, the two restaurants add more ‘flavours’ to the already colourful scene of southwestern Vietnamese cuisine.

After Ho Chi Minh City, Red Wok Cuisine JSC has chosen Can Tho and Ben Tre as its next destinations as Cuon Viet believes in provincial consumers loves of local culinary culture. With wholesome and fresh food in a diversified menu, Cuon Viet brings fresh and delicious dishes to Mekong diners.

With a diverse menu, attractive atmosphere and aromatic sauces, Cuon Viet will deliver diners a special and fulfilling dining experience

As one of the first customers at Cuon Viet, Mrs.Vo Thi Lanh (from Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho) said: “The self-rolled combo is my favorite. Every dish is hot, tasty, and the meat is tender and delicious. My son just loves the foods here!”

From the North to the South, each region has its own delicious wraps and rolls that suit the taste buds of the local people. Carrying the characteristics of Vietnamese cuisine, the restaurant serves rolled food in a modern setting, sophisticated yet not overwhelming, bringing diners of the three regions familiar but delectable and distinctive dishes.

What makes Vietnamese rolled food special is the sauce. At Cuon Viet, the rolls are wrapped in a layer of rice paper, and the fillings, depending on the regional tastes, include different types of herbs, meat, rice noodle, etc., and different kinds of sauce. Developed from traditional Vietnamese condiments, like fish sauce, anchovy paste, braised soybeans, when combined with the dishes at Cuon Viet, the sauce is able to bring everything together, enhancing the naturally good taste of the food, providing diners with good meals and distinctive flavours of the dishes.

With delicious food, fresh fruit and vegetables, and an elegant and cozy atmosphere, Cuon Viet is a suitable location for family time, nightly gatherings of friends or memorable weekends with loved ones. 

Customers and Cuon Viet’s “Great family” at Can Tho Sense City cheering at the grand opening of the restaurant.

In the process of forming and developing the Cuon Viet restaurant chain, the chefs put the emphasis on preserving the ‘soul’ of the food by respecting the unique aspects of regional cuisines: North, Central and South, and incorporate those to create new recipes. As a result, the menu at Cuon Viet is very diverse and creative, with dishes like Bap Bo Cuon Rau Rung, Nem Lui Xu Hue, Banh Uot Cuon Thit Nuong, Bo Cuon La Lot, Banh Khot Tom Tuoi, etc.

One can say that, besides nurturing and promoting traditional Vietnamese food inside and outside of the country, the launch of Cuon Viet restaurants in Can Tho and Ben Tre is the next strategic step for Red Wok Cuisine JSC, following the successful opening of Lau Bo Saigon Vivu on August 12 at Vincom Le Van Viet Mall, District 9, HCM City.

Red Wok Cuisine JSC (formerly known as Wrap and Roll Company Ltd.) is the parent company of the Wrap & Roll restaurant chain with 20 restaurants in Vietnam and franchise locations in Singapore and Shanghai. It is the pioneer in preserving and enhancing the cultural values of Vietnamese food, creating a bridge to help young Vietnamese people cherish their national cuisine.

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