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Vinschool to deliver 21st Century Skills programme

Update: August, 15/2017 - 08:24

Vinschool Education System recently received the 21st Century Skills Programme from world-leading education expert Dr. Lance G. King.

Accordingly, from the academic year 2017-2018, Vinschool will become the first and the only educational institution in Việt Nam to introduce the "21st Century Skills" programme into the mainstream curriculum, with the bilingual curriculum published for the first time in Việt Nam.

Vinschool is the first and only institution in Viet Nam to receive the "21st Century Skills" programme from the world's leading education expert — Dr. Lance G. King.

The "21st Century Skills" programme aims is to train students with the core qualities and skills to ensure a successful future in the 21st century. With 134 combination of self-skills (self-control in emotion, behaviour, perception); social skills (listening, understanding, sharing, cooperating, leading the media); cognitive skills (critical thinking, creativity) and learning skills (listening, reading, writing, taking notes, examinations, teamwork and research), personal qualities will be developed comprehensively. Students will be active and independent in their thinking, owning lifelong learning capacity and be able to adapt to changes in the future.

The "21st Century Skills" programme will be taught from grade 1 to grade 12, designed specifically for each grade, in which the practice exercises take up a large proportion.
Meanwhile, the programme creates a systematic inheritance and is a successful premise for higher education.

The author of Vinschool's 21st Century Skills is Dr. Lance G. King, author of books in skills currently taught at 4,655 schools in the IB system in more than 160 countries

With its outstanding advantages, the "21st Century Skills" programme has been recognised and verified in many schools which follow International Baccalaureate (IB) programme constructed by Dr. Lance G. King -- the world's leading expert in training skills for students.

When bringing this programme to Việt Nam, Dr. Lance G. King personally worked with Vinschool experts to develop a bilingual curriculum specifically for Vinschool students, named "Vinser Handbook: Learning Skills to Success."

Vinschool has held conferences for parents and has instructed parents to participate in the programme. Many parents appreciate the active approach of Vinschool in accordance with the trend of education development in the world.

All Vinschool teachers are well trained to apply the "21st Century Skills" programme in all subjects as well as activities for students to absorb the skills quickly and sustainably.

In addition, the "21st Century Skills" programme at Vinschool specifically promotes the role of parents. Accordingly, the school will regularly hold conferences for parents and provide instructions so that parents can participate in the programme.

All Vinschool teachers are trained by Dr. Lance G. King to implement the "21st Century Skills" application in all subjects and activities for students to rapidly acquire skills.

Previously, Vinschool purchased the copyright of a series of advanced education programmes in the world and applied it in the school’s teaching programm,e such as The Leader in Me, IPC International Kindergarten programme (monopoly in Việt Nam), Raz-Kids Self-Study Programme.
In particular, from academic year 2017-2018, Vinschool will implement the Cambridge International Bilingual Programme, with experienced native teachers qualified by Cambridge accreditation to help prepare students with competitive advantages when integration takes place.

By introducing 21st Century Skills Programme into the curriculum, Vinschool once again works towards the goal of "changing the approach of education," equipping students with skills in the direction of building "global citizens" confidently moving forward in the future.

References: Vinschool is a non-profit education system developed by property developer Vingroup JSC. With an education system from kindergarten through high school, Vinschool is the place to nurture 19,000 students at all levels.

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Speaker Lance G.King: International speaker Lance G.King is the author of many books on skills for students and is the founder of The Art of Learning programme ( which attracted more than 200,000 students studying in 28 countries around the world. He is the author of the 21st Century Skills of International Baccalaureate curriculum that is currently used in 4,655 schools in 160 countries around the world.


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