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Domestic or foreign travel: What's your choice?

Update: August, 09/2017 - 15:38

Travel agencies reported a ratio of 70:30 in terms of tourists going abroad compared with those travelling within the country, meaning that for every 100 tourists, up to 70 chose to travel abroad instead of enjoying domestic destinations.

To improve competitiveness of the tourism sector, especially in the summer when there is an increased need for relaxation combined with entertainment, many destinations in Việt Nam have invested in more areas of entertainment.

Among these destinations is Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, which launched a series of new experiences in the summer of 2017.

Inbound tourism competes with outbound tourism
Domestic travel is facing challenges when competing with foreign destinations. Many tourists are attracted by the attractive prices of foreign tours thanks to subsidised prices by the Government. However, destinations in Southeast Asia not only have beautiful natural scenery, but are now also offering many new recreational activities and high-quality services.

Summer – an ideal time for excursions with the family

The opportunities for inbound tourism are plenty, and many families still choose to travel within Việt Nam during the summer vacation.

"My family consists of three generations, so when choosing a destination for a long trip, we have to consider many factors. On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, when it is only the husband, wife and children, we can choose to travel abroad, but when the whole family with more than 10 members is planning a holiday, I prefer travelling within the country. My parents-in-law will feel more comfortable in an environment where the people around speak Vietnamese and I feel more secure when the children roam," 36-year-old Thúy Hằng, marketing specialist, said.

Vinpearl Land Nha Trang - "bright spot" of the Vietnamese tourism industry

During the summer, which is the most exciting time for the travel market, many local businesses are quick to catch on to the needs of local travelers.

Recently, Vinpearl Land Nha Trang invested a significant amount in constructing eight new entertainment facilities. With a wide range of new experiences spreading over nearly 700,000sq.m, travel lovers can enjoy a memorable summer without the need to go far.

For those who love animals and wish to explore nature, King’s Garden, the first open zoo in Nha Trang, is a “must visit” destination.

Spread over a large area of nearly 5ha, visitors will be able to see hundreds of precious plants and animals, including many species from distant countries such as the camel, rhinoceros, giraffe and leprechaun, as well as silver lion and Bengal tiger. Besides this, tourists can visit the 5000sq.m. bird sanctuary with many species of rare birds such as the golden cockatoo, blue and yellow macaw.

Visitors take selfies with colourful "friends" from distant countries

Notably, the launch of Vạn Hoa Hill on August 6, a unique botanical park in Việt Nam, is another highlight.
With its collection of thousands of flowers and herbs from all continents, the Hill is not only an attractive holiday destination this summer, but is also a knowledgeable paradise with a diverse and lively natural habitat, supporting visual exploration for study and research purposes.

The park has a chain of five greenhouses and three outdoor gardens, presenting a colourful natural world from different continents. The collections are arranged according to climatic zones -- from temperate, tropical to African deserts -- including a Vietnamese garden, Japanese garden, European garden and African garden.

To grow various plant species from different climates, Vinpearl Land has invested in five greenhouses ranging from 1,000 to 2,000sq.m., managed by France’s Marchegay Technologies.

All greenhouses use PRIVA sensing technology to regulate the inside microclimate, ensuring the best climatic and soil conditions for the dominant species.

Vạn Hoa Hill offers an “open desert zone” and a greenhouse which contains unique species such as the Baobab tree (250 years), Chorisia tree and Oliu tree, which are over 500 years old

Family members can relax at the Japanese garden and enjoy the 100-year-old bonsai

At mid-afternoon, the indoor, air-conditioned “World of Adventure” is the "hot escape" choice. In this cool space, visitors can easily choose age-appropriate entertainment games, from simpler activities for kids such as table tennis, horseback riding and interactive dancing to the more thrilling games for teenagers such as the trampoline shrugged tarpaulin, XD Cinema and interactive shooting.

A series of modern indoor games for all ages

In the early morning or late afternoon, when the weather is better, grandparents and parents can explore family-oriented games with the children such as Candy Land, Labyrinth mirror or Bicycles fairy in the “Land of Love.”

Land of Love – where family members share precious moments together

Along with the new entertainment facilities, the expanded European-style shopping mall offers not only a wide range of goods for adults, but it also has a large indoor area with toys, accessories and teddy bears for the kids.
After a long day exploring Vinpearl Land Nha Trang, visitors can enjoy dozens of delicious dishes at the Dining Area, such as traditional Russian barbeque at BBQ Express, Vietnamese dishes at Ngon market or fresh seafood at the restaurant Wind & Sea.

Visitors can enjoy a dinner of delicious Asian and European dishes at the Dining Area of Vinpearl Land Nha Trang

In August, the largest Sky Wheel in Việt Nam will become operational, expected to add more sparkle and glamour to Vinpearl Land Nha Trang.
This launch is expected to be a bright spot, contributing to the competitiveness of the country's tourism industry, particularly in the context of fierce competition from foreign destinations.

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