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High-quality services needed for foreign labour

Update: July, 12/2017 - 10:03

Recently, Việt Nam has witnessed the rapid development of the Northern province of Bắc Ninh with industry growth which is 1,200 times higher than in the past 20 years.

Currently, Bắc Ninh is at the top in attracting investment capital and a high-quality workforce from abroad.

This sends not only a good signal for businesses but also presents a great opportunity for local residents to profit from services.

The scale of foreign labour in Bắc Ninh

Bắc Ninh is considered a potential investment destination of Việt Nam. Many big foreign corporations such as Samsung, Canon and Foxconn are headquartered in this province and continually increase their investment here.

In early 2017, Samsung Display Việt Nam Company Limited announced it would "pour" another US$2.5 billion into Bắc Ninh, raising its total investment to $4 billion. This action shows the satisfaction and long-term commitment of foreign investors to the province.

In addition to capital investment, enterprises also bring engineers and foreign experts willing to work here.

Currently, over 50,000 foreigners are working in Bắc Ninh and this number is forecast to increase steadily from 20 to 25 per cent per year.

Services for senior professionals: supply cannot meet demand

The demand for international standard services of foreigners has increased significantly recently. However, the province’s infrastructure and services have not met the demand in both quantity and quality. Therefore, the source of services, especially accommodation services for this group is seriously lacking.

In order to settle temporarily, foreign businesses often have to rent medium-sized hotels and self-renovate a place for employees. Some companies have to place their specialists in Hà Nội and organise daily shuttles due to the shortage of high-quality accommodation.

With the high consumption habits, the rent of foreign experts varies from $800 to $1,000 per apartment per month. If we do a simple calculation to multiply the spending by 50,000 people, there will be a huge budget.

However, this source of profits has not been properly exploited. Some individuals in the locality have quickly built high-quality accommodation but due to lack of experience, they only meet a small quantity and the quality is not really stable.

The solution for this is constructing high-quality unified real estate projects so that the provincial residents can purchase and receive benefits by leasing them, while the service is still professionally operated by the owner.

Vinhomes Bắc Ninh – a pioneer to capture the market

Expected to be the perfect answer to the investment question of local residents, Vinhomes Bắc Ninh has resonated with investors since its launch.

With the successful experience of constructing Vinhomes Time City or Vinhomes Royal City and the strong potential of Vingroup Group, the appearance of Vinhomes Bắc Ninh is good news for investors in this region.

Vinhomes Bắc Ninh is a 2.5ha complex including two apartment buildings and one commercial centre with a range of modern conveniences that are operated and managed in accordance with five-star hotel standards.

The complex is located at a six–way intersection, where the three key streets of Trần Hưng Đạo, Lý Thái Tổ and Nguyễn Đăng Đạo meet. From here, residents can move smoothly to the provincial administrative offices and key industrial zones.

Vinhomes Bắc Ninh is also the first project bringing new living standards to this region with the ecosystem of "all-in-one" integrated utility services including commercial centre, modern cinema system, landscape, four-season swimming pool, children's playground and tennis court. In addition to the general high-end facilities of the whole project, each apartment in Vinhomes Bắc Ninh also has modern designs, furnishings and managed under a five–star quality management system.

Vinhomes Bắc Ninh not only promises a wonderful life for Vietnamese residents but is also one of the priority choices for foreign specialists in Việt Nam.

Park, Chief Technical Officer of a business in Bắc Ninh said, "I used to live in Vinhomes Times City and was really satisfied. So when I heard that Vinhomes will be built in Bắc Ninh, I was really excited. In addition to meeting the demand of living, these projects will help us to commit to living in Bắc Ninh in the long-term and contribute to promoting FDI flow to the province. "

With the perfect conditions of Vinhomes Bắc Ninh and the operation of professional services of the investor, this project is definitely the full potential for Bắc Ninh residents to invest sustainably.

However, since the number of apartments is limited and the actual local demand is too large, the opportunity to invest in Vinhomes Bắc Ninh is only for those who are really interested in capturing the market.

Vinhomes - Apartment and villa system with high-end services of Vingroup

With a strategic vision and sustainable development, each urban area in Vinhomes system is centrally located in Hà Nội and HCM City, combining outstanding values such as high-quality accommodation, professional home services, green and clean living environment, cultural community, ensuring security and safety, convenient and unified utilities.

With Vinhomes, residents have been experiencing an entirely new and ideal living environment - where happiness comes from the perfect combination of luxury amenities and five-star quality standard.


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