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Sun World Fansipan Legend organises Northwest Culinary Space

Update: July, 08/2017 - 11:26

The Wine Processor Festival and the Northwest Culinary Space, hosted by Sun World Fansipan Legend, will take place at Sa Pa Town, Lào Cai Province, from July 8 to 16.

Visitors can experience the colourful culture of the northwest people by visiting culinary booths and observing typical highland wine processes.

The food festival offers hundreds of typical dishes, such as grilled pork with axillary leaf, a large pan of “thắng cố” (a dish made from horse meat and its organs) with 12 flavours, beef skewer roll with cat leaf and smoked buffalo meat upstairs kitchen.

Other dishes from these regions also will be introduced to visitors at stalls in the downtown area.

Visitors can taste the black chicken stew with medicine, Phở Bắc Hà, black Chưng cake and five-colour stock rice. The dishes, with a variety of flavours and highland vegetables, will entice visitors to explore the northwest culinary world.

Diners can also participate in processing a thick cake of glutinous rice by hand, prepared by Sun World Fansipan Legend with a large mortar and pestle for pounding the rice and moulded by a hand wheel.

In addition, Sun World Fansipan Legend has arranged five alcohol stoves to show the processing of traditional wine of the Tày, Dáy, Xa Phó, H’Mông and Red Dao ethnic minorities.

The wine cookers will always be blazing so that visitors can observe the process of preparing wine, the typical drink of people in the upland regions.

In addition to these unusual activities, Sun World Fansipan Legend during the festival week will be brightly decorated in festive colours. The large space next to the clock tower is decorated with the main salute gate, the secondary bamboo gate, and hangs over the red cloth wrapped ceramic wine jars. Guests can catch large wine jars of 100 litres and even 200 litres in the downtown area.

To enhance the experience, Sun World Fansipan Legend Resort has also recreated a wedding scene typical of the Sapa Red Dao on the campus. Besides this, special cultural performances and martial arts shows will take place at the terminal. Towards the end of the tour, visitors can stop at the counters and specialty stalls to select highland specialities being sold by the locals.

The Northwest Culinary Festival continues to realise the desire of the Sun Group to develop tourism associated with the preservation and promotion of traditional cultural identity.

By increasing indigenous cultural experiences for domestic and international travellers, Sun World Fansipan Legend is confirming its position as one of the leading travel destinations in Việt Nam.

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