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Sun Tropical Village – a newly launched project by Sun Group in the south of Phu Quoc

Update: September, 08/2021 - 10:42

In September 2021, Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) officially launched Sun Tropical Village project - the first model tropical resort urban area in the billion-dollar ecosystem in the South of Phu Quoc. Pioneering in developing the wellness second home, Sun Group created Tropical Village which is likened to a jewel in the Pearl Island, bringing the perfect living and relaxing experience with comprehensive physical and mental health care as well as heightening personalisation.

A Villa in Sun Tropical Village - The pioneer wellness second home in the South of Phu Quoc

Located in the complex of Bai Kem – one of the top 50 most beautiful beaches on the planet, surrounded by green old forests, Sun Tropical Village with an area of ​​about 14 hectares consists of 346 single, duplex and quadrangle villas in 3 subdivisions: Tropical Wellness, Tropical Park and Tropical Valley, next to luxuriant flower gardens, in the middle of a green rainforest and near a poetic jade green beach.

On the magnificent green background of three natural layers: indoor garden - forest house - coastal forest, Sun Tropical Village looks like a pure and pristine “tropical village”, isolated from the outside world. Just one step from the villa, residents will be immersed in the natural green scenery from hundreds of shady trees, tropical bushes and colourful flowers along the path. The total green area of ​​the whole project is up to 19,000 square metres, providing a “microclimate” area (a local set of atmospheric conditions that differ from those in the surrounding areas) with a temperature 2- 3oC milder than outside areas.

A large investment is used for landscape of the project with the total green area of 19,000 square metres.

The most impressive feature of the “tropical village” is the design based on the philosophy of reliance on nature for development. Each road, tree, stream, etc. is meticulously planned to create an overall picture in harmony with nature and tropical style. Mr. Nguyen Tien Hong Duong, Chief of Design Management Unit of Sun Tropical Village project, said: “The project was inspired by an oasis. To make a difference, the sidewalks and roadbeds are highlighted with landscape architectural techniques such as paving with stones. It is an extremely special point because there are very few urban projects where the roadbeds are also paved with stones. Secondly, we design non-straight roads, winding and with interspersed bushes to create a forest view when seen from the beginning to the end of a street, while all the functions and utilities of an urban street are still unchanged."

The green garden of a villa in Sun Tropical Village.

Next, Sun Tropical Village is designed with four internal parks and inherits the advantage of being next to the Wellness Bai Kem Park of the Bai Kem resort complex. The four internal parks, namely Botanica Park, Forest Creek Park, Hill Trail Park and Waterfall Park, are interspersed in each villa subdivision, increasing the greenness and the connection with nature for each resident.

Meanwhile, Wellness Bai Kem Park located next to the project is a unique wellness park in the middle of a primeval forest with an area of ​​up to 4.1 hectares, helping people to “touch” the original nature with the cool air of the jungle, and at the same time enjoy the noble wellness experience in a tropical forest. All five parks will help residents satisfy their desire for wellness living both physically and mentally, and the desire for body - soul - mind care 365 days a year.

With the principle of pioneering in creating a standard wellness living space, Sun Tropical Village exudes a tropical spirit, a wellness living spirit from the villa architecture, interior, landscape, to health care services and utilities. In particular, the Tropical - Indochine architectural style is a highlight that cannot be ignored here; it is the tropical architectural style improved from the Indochinese architecture to suit the hot and humid tropical climate with two distinct rainy and sunny seasons in the South of the sub-equatorial tropical zone. The interior is also emphasised with the tropical style by a delicate colour combination among white – the theme colour, green and black. The villas all have large green gardens.

Sun Tropical Village villa with Tropical - Indochine architectural style.

As a pioneer project of the wellness second home model in Phu Quoc, Sun Tropical Village creates a standard wellness lifestyle in a green living space where health care facilities are personalised, high-end and preeminent. Therefore, when living and relaxing at Sun Tropical Village, residents can experience hundreds of top-notch wellness services developed by reputable international brands at the 5,300 m2 Wellness Center, as well as completely relax with their vacations thanks to the 24/7 professional operations team. Even if the owner is not present at the villa, on-site services such as cleaning, housekeeper, garden care, etc. will be still provided to ensure the freshness of the villa landscape.

Not only enjoying the tranquility and peace in the tropical “oasis”, residents are also immersed in the vibrant atmosphere, a chain of high-end utility services of the ecosystem in the South of Phu Quoc. The Bai Kem complex has countless utilities at Melodia shophouses, endless entertainment with Oc Bien bar, square, children’s modern playground, abundant cuisine at Bai Kem seafood restaurant area; especially, the wonderful bathing experience in Bai Kem beach with fine white sand, cool fresh water containing countless micronutrients and mineral salts that are good for health.

Sun Tropical Village is an attractive new piece of the Bai Kem complex, in the South of Phu Quoc.

With the noble intrinsic and added values, Sun Tropical Village is both a wellness second home and a savings property for owners. At the same time, this is also a one-of-a-kind investment opportunity with attractive rental potential when wellness tourism is a leading trend, however, Phu Quoc has not had methodical products to meet such demand.

“Sun Tropical Village will be a new piece with inspiring and liberal tropical resort style to the South Phu Quoc ecosystem. Through elaborate investment in architecture and landscape, and cooperation with leading healthcare service providers, by the experience of a tourism infrastructure and high-end resort real estate developer, we believe that Sun Tropical Village is worthy of a high-end wellness second home of prestigious owners,” said the representative of Sun Property.

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