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Cold weather sparks inventions

Update: January, 26/2016 - 10:21

As the temperature in Ha Noi dropped to below 10 degrees C over the weekend, the locals brainstormed plenty of ways to brave the bitter cold.

Covering their bodies with an array of warm coats and scarves is not enough. A father in Ha Noi felt safer installing a windproof glass frame around his motorbike.

In doing so, he and his daughter no longer fear strong gusts of wind on the way to school every day.

A photo of the father-daughter duo riding to school on this uniquely-designed motorbike has attracted the attention of readers on the Voice of Viet Nam online newspaper.

This proves that when the weather gets worse, inventions are triggered.

This could be a good idea for people in mountainous areas where temperatures plunged to below 0 degrees C and snowflakes started to fall. Traffic police officers might even consider legalising the design on roads!

Singer strips in snowy Sa Pa

Some northern provinces have been heavily affected by frosty temperatures and snowfall over the past few days.

Following a trend of checking in with snow on Facebook, a music video clip recorded while it was snowing in Sa Pa, Lao Cai Province, went viral on the Internet last weekend.

A young man walks towards the camera singing the popular song Anh Khong Doi Qua (I Don't Ask for Gifts Back). Snow covers his walking path, but he does not wear any footwear.

He removes his clothes and accessories one by one until he's down to his underwear, at which point the song ends. Some locals expressed their surprise and admiration that the man could brave the bitter cold and snow in below zero-degree C weather. Others were annoyed and left negative comments.

The video clip drew attention, but it was found to be recorded in 2013 when Sa Pa witnessed thick snow.

At any rate, the man took advantage of the recent snowfall in order to earn his 15 minutes of fame.

How is the weather today?

A group of four thieves were caught trying to sneak into a flower garden in Trau Quy in Ha Noi's Gia Lam District in order to steal about 2,400 lily flowers.

The thieves told the police that they only took action after watching the weather forecast. If it was rainy, their group planned to catch the bus from central Thanh Hoa Province, their hometown, to Ha Noi, in hopes of being concealed by the darkness.

In fact, the weather forecast in Viet Nam is not always accurate. One can assume that the men failed to do the deed several times due to falsely predicted weather. How hard the task is! — VNS

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