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Who's the thief?

Update: January, 19/2016 - 10:12

People's Procuracy in Buon Don District, Central Highland Dak Lak Province last week prosecuted two police officers allegedly for abusing power as they gave a stolen motorbike to a colleague to use.

In February 2009, the head of Ea Nuoi Commune Police Staion – Dang Tu Quang was informed about two motorbike thieves and reached the spot with a police officer Truong Cong Ha. The two suspected thieves ran away, leaving the stolen motorbike before the police arrived.

The stolen mortorbike, instead of being added to public property, was given to Ha to use until last October when the case was revealed.

The real owner of the motorbike, also in Buon Don District, said he lost his bike in early 2009.

Stench forces residents to wear masks to bed

Thousands of residents in Van Phu and Phuong Lau communes in northern Viet Tri City are reportedly wearing facial masks overnight, which is not a kind of skin care for brighter skin the next morning but rather a way to fight against air pollution there.

A local resident, Nguyen Van Quang, of Phuong Lau Commune told Nong thon ngay nay (Countryside today) newspaper that local farmers could not grow any crops or raise fish at the area nearby Viet Tri Urban waste treatment factory.

They have to close all the doors and windows, he said, adding that they even wore masks when sleeping at night to avoid the smell of improperly-treated waste water from the factory.

Local residents recently used cement to cover the factory's waste water pipe. But, in response, the factory released waste water into a field.

Chairman of Van Phu Commune, Nguyen Quoc Tuan, said that they submitted resident complaints to a higher authority. Phu Tho Province planned to move the factory out of the residential area but didn't say when.

Is it worth waiting?

Film producer surprised by illegal copies

Many Vietnamese like to buy funny movies to relax during Tet ( Lunar New Year) holiday, which adds laughter to gatherings with family or friends.

This time, in the run-up to Tet, is considered the busiest time for Tet filmmakers to launch their products.

However, Tet film producers in Viet Nam seem not happy because of rampant illegal copies.

Comedian and film producer Tran Binh Trong said on Viet Nam Television (VTV) on Saturday that he was surprised how fast his film was illegally copied and sold at markets across the nation.

"We launched the film in the morning and in the evening, it went viral on the Internet and the next morning, illegal disks are available at almost all street corners," he said.

He said that illegal copiers called him to say thank you.

What a special thanks! — VNS

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