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Man allows residents to rip money from suit

Update: January, 12/2016 - 10:23

A short clip recorded scenes of a young man dressed in his stylish suit with money attached to it have recently caught the attention of net citizens.

The most important thing is the guy walking alone among the crowded streets of HCM City, holding a board saying, "Take what you like" (in both Vietnamese and English). Not surprisingly, after a few brief seconds, the entire amount over the guy was torn off.

Some people think that the intentionally shocking act of the young man was just to "show off" his wealth, while others express their admiration for his action.

The man in the clip was later identified as Phan Cong Chanh, an expert on real estate in the city.

Chanh said he recorded people's reactions. The message he wanted to convey through the clip was that people shouldn't be too greedy and they should understand that it was not easy to achieve everything in the world.

To perform the clip, he stuck many bank notes of various values worth nearly VND10 million (US$445).

Chanh said at first people hesitated but when they saw one man get some bills, they all rushed to snatch the money from his clothes and ran away laughing.

"I was not upset by people's reactions because it is not too different from my original prediction. But I hope people can understand more about the message," he said.

The reactions of people in Chanh's clip is different from the one recorded in the United States. People who looked wealthy grabbed bank notes stuck over the suit of a man in New York with the sign board "Take what you need" while a homeless man just took $2 he needed to buy food for himself and his dog.

Unlike in the US, the first person in Viet Nam to take off bank notes worth VND1.5 million ($66.8) was a shoe shiner, Chanh said.

While it's not clear the motivation of his action, the writer thinks that the man should just give money to poor people or homeless persons who were in need.

Strange flower removed

As the Tet (Lunar New Year) approaches, a number of public places are being upgraded to make the capital more beautiful.

Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc square, the large public space at the top of Hoan Kiem Lake, was decorated with artificial flowers. However, it was demolished just a few days later after receiving feedback from local residents.

According to To Van Dong, director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the decorative flowers will be repaired to make them perfect.

Dong said he wanted to continue to get comments from local people for more suggestions.

Earlier, the images of new decorations at water fountains at the Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square were hot topic for discussion at social networks.

Pictures of flowers drooping and the strange colour especially when there is light – the colour of pink flowers become blue – led many to wonder what this flower was and why the flowers had such a strange colour.

Some people guessed it was lily while other people said it was morning glory or some even called it meat-eating plants.

Like other readers, I agreed with them that it should be beautiful. It didn't matter what the flower was and what colour it was. Art was something that can be creative.

If the flowers were removed because many people didn't know the name of the flower, it was necessary to post a signboard explaining the name of the flower and its specialty.

In July last year, public concern had been raised over the new colour of the Ha Noi Opera House after recent maintenance.

Residents in the capital were surprised by the face lift of the House, which had been painted a bright and modern colour.

And then the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism agreed with cultural experts and architects that it should adhere to the building's original historic and architectural values. — VNS

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