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Mermaid photo hoax hits social network

Update: December, 22/2015 - 09:47
The director of central Quang Nam Province's Depart-ment of Information and Communication Pham Hong Quang on Sunday dismissed a rumour that local residents found a mermaid on the coast.

Earlier, a local website publicised a post with a photo showing a "mermaid", adding that she was taken to a hospital and American experts would come for further analysis.

However, it turns out that the photo is part of mermaid-themed wedding photos. The website stole the photo and made up the story.

In Viet Nam, wedding photos are taken months before the actual ceremony and shown at the reception. At the wedding, they have a slideshow or video showing the couple's photos.

More couples are seeking different or even unusual ways to capture their happy moments through wedding photos. Earlier this month, a couple in northern Thai Nguyen took their wedding photos in the concept of custodian and prisoner while another couple in Ha Noi chose Lac Hong Vien Cemetery to take wedding photos.

Boats sink while anchored at storm shelter

Few crews in central Quang Nam Province choose An Hoa shelter for their boats to anchor during storms because of its unreasonable design.

The boat shelter, which was built with an investment of almost VND80 billion (US$3.6 million) on an area of over 36 hectares, was opened five years ago. There are 70 pillars at the shelter to hold anchors that are placed every 50 meters.

The shelter is expected to host thousands of boats during storms but the narrow distance between pillars make boats vulnerable to collide and break.

A local fisherman Luong Cong Dung in Tam Giang Commune said that he was hesitant to have his boat parked at An Hoa shelter when coping with a storm in middle September.

His boat sank not because of a storm but colliding into a cement pillar at the shelter, he said.

Local fishermen told to each other that they would rather keep at sea than anchor at An Hoa Shelter.

Meanwhile, Hong Trieu shelter in Duy Nghia Commune, in the province Duy Xuyen District, also faced a boycott by fishermen as the shelter became unsafe for boats because a line of Nipa, which helped stop wind, disappeared after the construction of the shelter.

Poison fails to kill rats

Farmers in Dien Truong Commune in central Nghe An Province were very worried as rats were rampant in their maize fields and were destroying the crop.

So they bought a rat poison popular in the town – Rat K 2%DP – to spray across the field, but later found no dead rats.

Local farmer Ho Trong Mao said he did a test in which he caught five rats and injected them with the rat poison. He was surprised as the rats were still alive and even became stronger after ten days.

Head of the province's Plant Protection Department Nguyen Tien Duc said that the rat poison Rat K 2%DP was lawfully certificated and eligible for sale in market.

However, he advised farmers to buy an alternative.

Lao dong ( Labour) newspaper reported that the producer and supplier of the rat poison product planned to meet buyers to find solutions. — VNS

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