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‘Winning' ticket unlucky for lottery seller

Update: November, 03/2015 - 10:01

A winning lottery ticket is not just a nice surprise, but sometimes a disturbance.

Shortly after Quach Thuan Minh and his wife, Ho Thi Thanh Bang from Soc Trang City, southern Soc Trang Province, realised their fortune they claimed the cash from their eight winning tickets, worth VND20million each (US$900), from ticket seller, Danh Hon.

Hon asked Bang to fill in her name, identity card number, address and sign the tickets. All the cash was then handed to the lucky couple.

Two days later, Hon brought the tickets to Kien Giang Lottery Company in Can Tho city to exchange for cash and realised that the number on the tickets in his hands did not match the exact winning number.

The winning number was announced to be 42276 while the number Hon had got from the couple was 44276.

Hon said it was his fault, an "occupational accident".

Of course, the couple were unwilling to return their winnings and said that they checked the number very carefully before asking Hon for cash.

They thought Hon exchanged the tickets and claimed that they would return the cash if ticket number 42276 was given back to them.

The careless lottery seller decided to bring the case to Soc Trang City's People's Court and asked for an investigation.

Police are scratching their heads and wishing for a time machine to return to the past to know who was right.

University expels student for their mistake

In Viet Nam, "sitting in the wrong class" is a phrase referring to students who move up to a higher grade despite poor performance.

The phrase applies to Tran Tan Luc, a sophomore from southern Ben Tre province.

In 2013, Luc received a surprise when he was admitted to HCM City-based Tran Dai Nghia University after applying for college (a lower level).

The university recruitment board thought that Luc had applied for the university level and not until two years later did they realise that they mistakenly put him into the wrong class.

Luc was shocked to be asked to move to college level

"We have the right to expel him because he knew the mistake but still continued the course," said Le Xuan Phong, from the university's Education and Training Department.

Seemingly, incidents like this have happened frequently at this university as they admitted that mistakes during recruitment processes are normal.

And the solution is to blame the students who are the victims.

Luc's name was deleted from the university class attendance list. He had nothing to say but decided to drop out of school and go back to his hometown. All of his tuition fees and learning over the past two years have been wasted.

Petrol station rage

A one-minute video clip in which a tattooed man slapped a petrol station worker went viral on Facebook recently.

Hong Van Vuong went to a petrol station located on Tran Cung street, Ha Noi to fill up his car.

Vuong was stunned to see the screen at the pump showed 56.6 litres when he thought his tank only held 50 litres.

He was charged VND1.02million ($45) but said he would only pay VND1million ($44).

"I've never had to pay more than VND1million, even when the petrol price hiked," Vuong said while accusing the staff of cheating.

Whether the staff cheated or not is still up for debate but one thing lawyers know for sure is the punishment imposed on the aggressive customer. The money he will be fined may be much higher than the VND20,000 (nearly $1) that he refused to pay. — VNS

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