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Apartment building residents forced to crawl

Update: October, 27/2015 - 10:28

More than 100 families in Block G of Den Lu Resettlement Area in Ha Noi's Hoang Mai District are sharing one elevator as their three other elevators are out of use.

Not only is the elevator overloaded but accessing the only working elevator is an issue for residents.

Block G, built in 2004, consists of two 11-storey apartment buildings. The only way to go from one building to the other is to go to the top floor, the so-called technical floor.

The technical floor, however, is only one metre high, so people have to bend their body to walk or crawl through it.

Resident Le Thi Dan said that it was normal to see people hitting their heads on the ceiling and crawling in the dark in the evening.

"It's like in wartime," she said.

How much does a tiger eat?

Sai Gon Zoo plan to exchange some of their tigers for other animals, the zoo operator told HCM City People's Committee.

The zoo operator – Sai Gon Zoo Ltd Company say current facilities and funding are only enough for 13 tigers while there are 16 tigers including 11 yellow tigers and five white ones at the zoo.

A breeder at the zoo revealed that a tiger eats up to seven kilos of beef each day and has beef five days a week. Once a week, the tigers eat a live animal to keep its hunting ability and are left hungry one day, online newspaper reported. During reproductive season, the tigers are fed with kilos of eggs weekly.

In 2009, two Bengal tigers, or Panthera tigris, were brought from the Elmvale Jungle Zoo in Ontario, Canada to HCM City. The breed is the only one of the six existing tiger sub-species that occurs in different colour variations in the wild, according to

The world is home to only around 2,300 white tigers, most of which have been raised in captivity in zoos.

In July, for the first time a pair of Canadian-imported white tigers at the Saigon Zoo gave birth to three healthy cubs. Local residents flocked to Sai Gon Zoo to see the cute cubs.

It would be not good to see skinny tigers, with many people concerned after hearing about the funding shortage.

Claim the ownership and pay the debt

Viet Nam Aviation Academy has asked the transport ministry to allow them to use an unowned plane in Noi Bai International Airport as a teaching tool.

The unowned plane – a Boeing 727-200 – has been unused since 2007 because of technical errors. The plane used to belong to Cambodian Royal Khmer Airlines but Cambodian authorities said they cancelled the registration of the plane.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese authorities cannot liquidate the plane because there is no legal basis for airplane liquidation in Viet Nam.

As of last year the plane had accrued parking fees of US$600,000.

Who will pay this debt?

The Viet Nam Aviation Academy would surely invest that sum for students to practice on a "real plane", right?

Longest Long An bridge built illegally

Residents in Tuyen Minh Commune in southern Long An Province hold their breath when crossing Chua Noi Bridge on Vam Co Tay River as there are a few cement stakes, instead of strong pillars, to hold the bridge.

The 170-metre-long bridge, the longest one in the province, vibrates whenever people and vehicles crossed it, said the commune People's Committee chairman To Van Dep.

"The committee has to assign staff to restrict traffic on the bridge during rush hours or holidays," he said, adding that the five-year-old bridge was close to collapse.

"The bridge builder from HCM City who did the work as a donation disappeared before finishing the bridge," Dep said, noting that the bridge was built with donations from local residents.

However, according to the province's transport department, the bridge was built without any licence.

Vice director of the department Nguyen Van Chinh told HCM City Legal newspaper that he was afraid to cross the bridge when inspecting it. — VNS

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