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The value of small change

Update: October, 14/2015 - 09:32

Last week, sales people in a phone shop in Ha Noi were surprised when a woman came into the shop with an old hessian bag over her shoulder. The woman, Vu Le Hang, said she wanted to buy an iPhone as a present for her husband's birthday.

The seller showed her some phones and told her what they were all about. Eventually, she decided to buy an iPhone 6 Plus at a cost of VND18.5 million (US$840).

The woman then thrust her hands into the bag, which looked like it once held rice, and pulled out crumpled wads of small notes, most of it the lowest denomination, VND1,000. None of it had a value higher than VND5,000.

The shop's cashier wasted more than half an hour counting the money. Hang said she saved all the small change in about five months selling street food.

Hang said she also planned to continue saving money to buy a dowry for her child. Help!

Man grieves over ‘lost boyhood'

Recently, the People's Court in HCM City granted a divorce sought by a Vietnamese woman from her American Vietnamese husband.The wife told the court she was tired of her husband's jealousy and scolding.

The man did not agree with her request to end the marriage because he said he still loved her and promised to change his hot-tempered ways. But the woman had had enough. Not only did she refuse to join him in America, she wanted to call it quits.

Despite his promises, this made the man angry again and he demanded compensation of US$30,000 for the loss of his "boyhood", plus all his wedding expenses. He also sought compensation for losing his job after taking many days off from work to handle the marriage crisis - without permission from his bosses.

During the trial, the judge explained to him that women were often more disadvantaged in divorce. But he didn't agree.

When the hearing was adjourned, the man flew back to the United States. In his absence, the judge decided in the woman's favour.

Just horsing around

A gent flying along a new stretch of dyke road in Long Bien was lost in admiration for the size of the project - and the quick and professional way it had been carried out.

As he rounded a bend he noticed a black rope pulled tightly across the road at chest height. Screeching to a halt just in time to avoid being knocked off his motorbike, he was stunned to find that at one end of the rope was a horse. The other end was tied to a lamp post erected as part of the new roadworks.

The horse was presumably supposed to be feeding on the lush grass growing on one side of the dyke. But it was a hot day and the poor animal was seeking some shade offered on the far side of the new bitumen. — VNS

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