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Watch out for this driver

Update: October, 06/2015 - 09:18

Drivers on Yen Phu Road in Ha Noi's Tay Ho District last Friday saw a Honda automobile travelling along with the words, Sorry, I'm just practising to drive. Please sympathise written on paper and stuck in the middle of the rear window.

But the notice was so big it blocked his rear vision. This would have made it difficult for him to park, back the car or notice who was travelling behind him, such as the police. Other drivers assumed he probably has no licence.

If he is not super careful, his blind spot is likely to lead to an accident - and then he'll get absolutely no sympathy or licence!

Hitch-hiker's guide to Ha Noi

For the past few days, a video clip of a jealous woman has spread like wildfire on the internet. The scene was shot in Ha Noi's Ha Dong District.

The woman, wearing a long shirt and sunglasses to keep off the sun, is shown jumping onto the hood of a parked car, beating on the windscreen and shouting at a man inside to open the door. The man once opened a window to say something, but quickly shut it.

Nguyen Ba Tuan, head of Residential Quarter No 10 in Phu La Ward, who witnessed the incident, told the Gia dinh (Family) online newspaper that it was a domestic squabble. He said the man inside the car was the frantic woman's husband. It is believed that a young woman in the vehicle was his girlfriend.

After a while, the man opened the door and the woman on the bonnet promptly slapped his face, drawing blood from his mouth. But he said not a word, just ducked his head to avoid the slapping.

The girl sitting with him in the car chose her time, then quickly opened the door and leapt into a taxi. The husband later told everyone that the girl was a hitch-hiker and that he just gave her a lift.

Sad, but true

Nguyen Quoc Hung, 17, finished serving a six-months' jail sentence at An Diem goal on September 19 and went back to his home town in Tam Lanh Commune in the central province of Quang Nam.

Seven days later, he stole a motorbike, a laptop and two mobile phones from a house in Tam Dan Commune. He was seized by police after selling the hot goods.

Hung told police he knew he would be caught for his latest robberies, but he said he liked living in prison because he had nowhere to go or anything to do outside.

Hung's father is an alcoholic, his mother is unemployed and his two younger brothers have been sent to an orphanage. Poor boy. — VNS

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